25 November 2015

AUDITIONS - The Fox on the Fairway

Auditions for Ken Ludwig's The Fox on the Fairway will take place on Dec 14 & 15 after school (As well as during office hours and in class, by appointment). Sign up sheet is up on the LT call board.

Rehearsals begin in January 4 (table read) and continue each day after school. Performances run the final Thu-Sat in February (Feb 25-27) inc. a matinee.

Please sign up for the EARLIEST available time, either day IF YOU WISH an OFFICE HOURS or IN CLASS Audition, speak to Mr. Doty.

Please have one memorized monologue - 1½ to 2 minutes in length, suitable to a contemporary comedic role. Also prepare a 30 second duo physical comedy bit.

 DO NOT ACCEPT a ROLE unless you can commit to
• Four rehearsals a week, minimum (not everyone will be scheduled every day)
• NO days off during the final 10 days before opening of the production

If you cannot make these commitments, you will not be cast. If an issue arises once rehearsals begin, the role may be re-cast.

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