17 December 2015

Fox on the Fairway Cast

Congratulations to the cast of the winter production: Fox on the Fairway!
Justin . . . . . Brandon Kinsey
Louise . . . . . Maya Roussell
Bingham . . . . . Zach Perkins
Pamela . . . . . Jolie Thompson
Dickie . . . . . Hayden Cotton
Muriel . . . . . Mariyah Long
Director: John Doty
Assistant Director (and understudy Dickie): Taylor Dugan
Stage Manager (and understudy Muriel): Zoe Jones
ASM 1 (and understudy Justin/Bingham): Andrew Donahue
ASM 2 (and understudy Louise/Pamela): Aria Allensis
Lighting: G Crane Coleman
Electrics: Tyler Melson
Set Dressing / Art Direction: Sasha Sweeten
Sound Design: Kira Bell
Wardrobe: Erik Campuzano

25 November 2015

AUDITIONS - The Fox on the Fairway

Auditions for Ken Ludwig's The Fox on the Fairway will take place on Dec 14 & 15 after school (As well as during office hours and in class, by appointment). Sign up sheet is up on the LT call board.

Rehearsals begin in January 4 (table read) and continue each day after school. Performances run the final Thu-Sat in February (Feb 25-27) inc. a matinee.

Please sign up for the EARLIEST available time, either day IF YOU WISH an OFFICE HOURS or IN CLASS Audition, speak to Mr. Doty.

Please have one memorized monologue - 1½ to 2 minutes in length, suitable to a contemporary comedic role. Also prepare a 30 second duo physical comedy bit.

 DO NOT ACCEPT a ROLE unless you can commit to
• Four rehearsals a week, minimum (not everyone will be scheduled every day)
• NO days off during the final 10 days before opening of the production

If you cannot make these commitments, you will not be cast. If an issue arises once rehearsals begin, the role may be re-cast.

12 November 2015


See almost, maine next week!
At North Medford, the closing night theater audiences are usually biggest and usually include the most advance ticket purchasing family members. This means they tend to generate more money than any other performance. We want to give this closing night ticket revenue to our NMHS Sparrow! We did this in September with As You Like It and raised close to $450. Last year, we raised close to $1000 over the course of our season.

Come see almost, maine
because we are only allowed to donate that money if we’ve covered all our production costs.

Then come back on Saturday night to make sure we have sold every single seat, so we can give as much as possible!

The show starts at 7pm each evening. Advance ticket holders are able to take their seats beginning at 6:30. Walkup seating starts at 6:45. You may also come to a 2pm matinee on Saturday. Advance tickets for students (and senior citizens) are $5 and advance tickets for Adults are $10.
Tickets are available online at http://seatyourself.biz/nmdrama
You can buy for one of the earlier nights AND make an add-on Sparrow donation, or buy for closing night and make an add-on theater donation.

Pay What You Want tickets MAY be available on the night of a performance, but Little Theater seating is limited, so don’t take the chance! Get your advance tickets now!

06 November 2015

Almost, Maine tickets are on sale now!

Click the SeatYourself link and get your advance tickets for the November 19th, 20th or twice on the 21st showings of John Cariani's Almost, Maine. Evening shows are at 7pm. The Saturday matinee is at 2pm. For all shows, Doors open for advanced ticket purchasers 30 minutes before showtime.  Walkup sales for any remaining seats begins 15 minutes before the show and are Pay What You Want.

Almost, Maine is a series of vignettes thematically connected by love: finding it, losing it, holding on to it, being caught off guard by it, or seeing if it's still there. This production is part of the senior project program at North and is student-directed by Maya Roussell.

Proceeds from the first three shows go to Black Tornado Theater, but IF, by closing night, the show has already paid all of it's costs, then closing night gate will be donated in full to the North Medford chapter of Sparrow Club.

12 May 2015

Auditions for As You Like It / King Lear

We are holding Auditions on May 26th and 27th for student directed productions of Shakespeare’s As You Like It and King Lear, as well as the opportunity to move directly into the Advanced Theater class. Bring two prepared (memorized) monologues, combined time of at least 1½ minutes and not more than 3 minutes length. Selections should include a piece of Shakespearean origin and a piece of Modern Origin. One selection should be serious, the other should be light. If you have questions, direct them to Doty at school, in comments here, or the Black Tornado Theater facebook group.

Sign-up sheets are posted in the Little Theater lobby, and at both middle school offices.

17 April 2015


Tickets are on sale now for the SOUND of MUSIC. Come see the final collaboration of Rodgers & Hammerstein next Thursday thru Saturday at 7pm in the Sjolund Auditorium.

If we can be in the black before closing night, proceeds from the final performance will support our Sparrow 100% (click for more info on Sparrow programs)

11 March 2015

In A Grove premiers in ONE WEEK

The WORLD PREMIER (makes it sound important, eh? :)) of the Ryūnosuke Akutagawa short stories, In a Grove and Rashōmon, adapted by award-winning playwright Katherine Pelch opens on our stage in one week. Wednesday, March 18 at 7pm marks the first performance of this piece. The show will run for two additional evenings. In a Grove tells the complex tale of a crime that has left one man dead an his wife missing. Several points of view are offered which serves to tell us that the story may not be what it seems. The original short stories provide a setting and framing elements for the script. The characters are derived from characters in the two stories, but reimagined from the original Japanese locales into post WWII era New York state.

Seating is very limited in the Little Theater, so advanced purchase tickets are strongly recommended. Doors open at 6:30 and walk-up "Pay What You Want" seating begins at 6:45, based on availability.