06 May 2014

Fundraising BLITZ (also known as 'begging')

We have concluded our full production season for 2013/14. Noises Off was well received by the very few people who came to see it. We are still in a situation of needing to raise a lot of funds to get us to the end of this year in the black. The GoFundMe campaign (see the big link on the right of the screen? click that) has stalled out at $1010, which is enough to retire the debt of the Musical Theater account.

If you aren't comfortable with online donations, you can contact Sheila Johnson at the high school directly (842-5215) and make a donation via credit card or come in, in person.

We really need to get to $3000 before the end of this month and we hope to get the $5000 target before next school year starts.


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