28 February 2014

Contract Negotiations lead to Strike, forces Black Tornado Theater Schedule Changes

Teachers in the Medford District went on strike on Feb 6 and the teachers were out of classrooms for 11 school days. When teachers returned on Feb 24, several very key things had to change with the Black Tornado Theater calendar.

The production of Noises Off, already in rehearsal and with money invested, was less than a week from scheduled opening, but had no opportunity for rehearsal during the stoppage. It would need to be rescheduled. Kiss Me, Kate, slated for the first weekend in May, was supposed to audition during the week of Valentine's Day. The strike eliminated the prospect of the audition window for Kate and prompted the decision to reschedule Noises into the calendar slot onriginally intended for Kate.

Other Theater projects (Original One Acts and Live & Laughing) are still slated for their intended dates.