09 January 2014

Congratulations to the Casts of the One Acts

Congrats to everyone in the one acts!

Finding a Bit of Strength
Kevin-Brady Straub
Narrator-Vince Ibarra...
Father-Nick Goyette
Angel-Emma McMillen
Derek-Isaac Lila
Friend 1-Becca Hutchinson
Friend 2-Alex Gao
Teacher-Maya Roussell

Are You a Man or a Dog?
Shelby-Emma McMillen
Mom-Madison Winchell
Tessie-Christopher Vincent
Greasy Sam-Isaac Lila
Watch Seller-Nick Goyette
Old Lady-Becca Hutchinson
Crazy-Maya Roussell
Poop Guy, or Man-Vince Ibarra
Puppeteer-Alex Gao

Stephan-Christopher Vincent
Valeria-Maya Roussell
Tobias-Alex Gao
Deborah-Madison Winchell
Jeremiah-Isaac Lila
Rachel-Becca Hutchinson
Anya-Jaxi Woods-Smith
Aaron-Nick Goyette
Nazi 1/ News boy 1-Vince Ibarra
Nazi 2/ News boy 2-Brady Straub

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