13 September 2014

Much Ado be Livestreaming

We are testdriving our ability to do this, given that half of this season is Public Domain, why not?

Program is available here

14 July 2014

CASTING - Antigone

The cast of Antigone posted on June 12 in the Little Theater lobby.

We offer our congratulations and look forward to the Table Read on 3:45pm, July 30. The show runs October 16 thru 18 in the Sjolund Auditorium. Tickets will be on sale beginning in mid September.

Antigone   . . .  Jolie Thompson
Ismene . . .   Destany LaLonde
Chorus . . .   Emilee Lewis
Chorus   . . .   Shianne Spiker
Chorus . . .   Jaxi Woods-Smith
Chorus . . .   Megan Reeves-Fox
Chorus . . .   Katie Schwarz
Chorus . . .   Kiana Oshiro
Creon . . .   Jacob Gooding
Haemon . . .   Garrett Bond
Tiresias. . .   Amber Wilson
Sentry   . . .   Taylor Dugan
Eurydice   . . .   Madison Winchell
Polynices . . .   TBA
Eteocles   . . .   TBA
Theban Soldier . . .   TBA
Theban Soldier . . .   TBA
Theban Soldier . . . TBA
Theban Soldier . . . TBA
Argive Soldier . . . TBA
Argive Soldier . . . TBA
Argive Soldier . . . TBA
Argive Soldier . . . TBA


10 July 2014

CASTING - Much Ado About Nothing

The cast of Much Ado About Nothing posted on June 12 in the Little Theater lobby.

Not every member of the original cast will be able to take part in the show, so THIS version is likely not the version of the cast who will be on stage on September 11, but for now, we offer our congratulations and look forward to the Table Read on noon, July 22. The show runs Sept 11 thru 13 in the Little Theater. Tickets will be on sale beginning in mid August.

Don Pedro   . . .   Jacob Gooding
Benedick   . . .   Jakob Whitt
Claudio   . . .   Tyler Melson
Don John   . . .   Garrett Bond
Borachio   . . .   Michael Surgeon
Conrada   . . .   Megan Reeves-Fox
Leonata   . . .   Emilee Lewis
Hero   . . .   Destany LaLonde
Beatrice   . . .   Maya Rousell
Margaret   . . .   Jolie Thompson
Frances   . . .   Madison Winchell
Dogberry   . . .   Amber Wilson
Verges   . . .   Taylor Dugan
A Sexton   . . .   Shianne Spiker
Hugh Otecake   . . .   Brady Straub
Laurence   . . .   Jaxi Woods-Smith
George Seacole   . . .   Emily Moody


16 May 2014

2014/15 Season Announced

Next season will see seven full length productions take the stages of North Medford HS, including three senior project directorial efforts and a musical collaboration with Wilson Elementary School. At least four single night events are also planned, including sketch & improv comedy nights and a reading of an original student work.

Black Tornado Theater director John Doty will be at the helm for three productions: Antigone in mid October in the Sjolund, then Rashomon in Mid-March in the Little Theater before returning to the Sjolund to end the season with The Sound of Music on the main stage in May.

Seniors Larenzi Stover, Griffin Allensis and Heather Patterson will direct in the Little Theater during 1st Semester, with Stover opening the season with Much Ado About Nothing in early September, Allensis leading Dirk (based on Douglas Adams' novel Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency) in late November and Patterson overseeing Noël Coward's Fallen Angels in late January.

Wilson will be on the Sjolund stage mid February with an adaptation of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Specific show dates will be announced prior to the end of this school year.

06 May 2014

Fundraising BLITZ (also known as 'begging')

We have concluded our full production season for 2013/14. Noises Off was well received by the very few people who came to see it. We are still in a situation of needing to raise a lot of funds to get us to the end of this year in the black. The GoFundMe campaign (see the big link on the right of the screen? click that) has stalled out at $1010, which is enough to retire the debt of the Musical Theater account.

If you aren't comfortable with online donations, you can contact Sheila Johnson at the high school directly (842-5215) and make a donation via credit card or come in, in person.

We really need to get to $3000 before the end of this month and we hope to get the $5000 target before next school year starts.


02 April 2014

Ticket Sales Launch for Noises Off!

Ticket sales for Noises Off went live this morning.
  • Evening Shows are $10 & $5 for early entry (6:30pm)
  • Evening walk-up tickets are Pay What You Want but don't begin to seat until 6:45pm
  • Saturday's Matinee is entirely Pay What You Want; doors open at 1:30pm

13 March 2014

One Acts Open; Noises rehearsals resume

The Senior Project production of Original One Acts Opens TONIGHT in the LITTLE THEATER!

Early Entry tickets are on sale at SeatYourself for $10 (adults) and $5 (students and seniors). Pay What You Want admission is contingent on available seats. Thespian card holders can Pay What You Want while entering early!

The One Acts carry a PG-13 rating for coarse language and violence in the first play, "Finding a Bit of Strength" and for violence and intense situations in the third work, "Untold."  The middle piece is considerably lighter fare.

Written by seniors Kate Pelch and Kyle Bird, and directed by Bird, Pelch and senior Leslie Kirstein, the evening is a senior project for all three students.

Noises Off Rehearsals resume

After takin an hiatus during the strike, Noises Off is back with table reads and dust off rehearsals over the two weeks before spring break. Construction on the NO set will begin in earnest on March 31, after the Pear Blossom Pagaent


28 February 2014

Contract Negotiations lead to Strike, forces Black Tornado Theater Schedule Changes

Teachers in the Medford District went on strike on Feb 6 and the teachers were out of classrooms for 11 school days. When teachers returned on Feb 24, several very key things had to change with the Black Tornado Theater calendar.

The production of Noises Off, already in rehearsal and with money invested, was less than a week from scheduled opening, but had no opportunity for rehearsal during the stoppage. It would need to be rescheduled. Kiss Me, Kate, slated for the first weekend in May, was supposed to audition during the week of Valentine's Day. The strike eliminated the prospect of the audition window for Kate and prompted the decision to reschedule Noises into the calendar slot onriginally intended for Kate.

Other Theater projects (Original One Acts and Live & Laughing) are still slated for their intended dates.

09 January 2014

Congratulations to the Casts of the One Acts

Congrats to everyone in the one acts!

Finding a Bit of Strength
Kevin-Brady Straub
Narrator-Vince Ibarra...
Father-Nick Goyette
Angel-Emma McMillen
Derek-Isaac Lila
Friend 1-Becca Hutchinson
Friend 2-Alex Gao
Teacher-Maya Roussell

Are You a Man or a Dog?
Shelby-Emma McMillen
Mom-Madison Winchell
Tessie-Christopher Vincent
Greasy Sam-Isaac Lila
Watch Seller-Nick Goyette
Old Lady-Becca Hutchinson
Crazy-Maya Roussell
Poop Guy, or Man-Vince Ibarra
Puppeteer-Alex Gao

Stephan-Christopher Vincent
Valeria-Maya Roussell
Tobias-Alex Gao
Deborah-Madison Winchell
Jeremiah-Isaac Lila
Rachel-Becca Hutchinson
Anya-Jaxi Woods-Smith
Aaron-Nick Goyette
Nazi 1/ News boy 1-Vince Ibarra
Nazi 2/ News boy 2-Brady Straub

Congratulations to the Cast of Noises Off!!

Dotty Otley -- Jorden Smith
Lloyd Dallas -- Garrett Bond
Garry Lejune -- Zach Perkins
Brooke Ashton -- Tyler Grahame
Poppy Norton-Taylor -- Chloe Motta
Frederick Fellowes -- Brandon Bellamy
Belinda Blair -- Jolie Thompson
Tim Allgood -- Megan Reeves-Fox
Selsdon Mowbray -- Kyle Shirey

Michael Surgeon is an understudy (Freddie & Selsdon)
Other understudies will be identified, as needed!

Noises Off opens Feb 27th on the Sjolund Stage, running 4 performances over 3 days.