06 August 2013

It Begins Again...

This week, the casts of The Diary of Anne Frank and Hamlet, Prince of Denmark began daily rehearsals in the Sjolund and Broud Theaters, respectively. The Troupe Officers have started the production history posters project in FA8. The costume inventory has grown and organization projects are underway. Later this week, two work days (Wednesday, 8/7 from 10am to 12n and Saturday, 8/10 from 10 am to 4pm) are scheduled to get the spaces ready for school to start and for two productions to launch. Additional work days will happen most of the remaining Saturdays and scattered across several weekdays. Keep an eye here and on the #358 facebook group for details.

For fans of BTT, the facebook BTT page is the place for schedule and ticket announcements, share it with your friends!

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