26 January 2013

Regionals Info for the Facebookless

EVENT: $12 per person per entry.
DISCOUNT: $2 per person per entry for inducted Thespians.
LODGING: $25 per person - We are staying at the La Quinta, 155 Day Island Road, Eugene, 541-344-8335, near Autzen
Event and Lodging costs MUST be paid in part or whole before we depart!! 
TRANSPORT: We massively encourage (beg) an additional amount up to $10 to help to cover the costs of the bus. This is an optional amount - please pitch in what you can...
FOOD: two dinners and a lunch, $20 should do it...

Dates & Times: 
  • Jan 30 - Exhibition performances in the Little Theater 
  • Jan 31 - Partial Payment deadline, All Signed Paperwork turned in! 
  • Feb 1 - Depart NMHS just after 4pm, Dinner en route - Bus provided by First Student (Medford) 
  • Feb 2 - EVENT @ South Eugene HS in Eugene 9am to 5pm w/ Lunch break, approx - Bus provided by First Student (Bethel) 
  • Feb 2 - Return Home just before midnight, Dinner en route - Bus provided by First Student (Medford) 
CHAPERONES: John Doty (Troupe Director), Diana Garrett (Alum Parent / ViMS), Kim Pelch (Parent/ViMS)

Paperwork for Parent Signatures: Permission, Releases, etc... Will be handed out on Jan 25 and must be returned on Jan 31 

Please note - if you are a musical entry, you MUST have an accompaniment track... if a recording, it cannot have any VOICES on it... you must have a way to play it loud enough to balance with your voice in the space...

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