26 January 2013

Regionals Info for the Facebookless

EVENT: $12 per person per entry.
DISCOUNT: $2 per person per entry for inducted Thespians.
LODGING: $25 per person - We are staying at the La Quinta, 155 Day Island Road, Eugene, 541-344-8335, near Autzen
Event and Lodging costs MUST be paid in part or whole before we depart!! 
TRANSPORT: We massively encourage (beg) an additional amount up to $10 to help to cover the costs of the bus. This is an optional amount - please pitch in what you can...
FOOD: two dinners and a lunch, $20 should do it...

Dates & Times: 
  • Jan 30 - Exhibition performances in the Little Theater 
  • Jan 31 - Partial Payment deadline, All Signed Paperwork turned in! 
  • Feb 1 - Depart NMHS just after 4pm, Dinner en route - Bus provided by First Student (Medford) 
  • Feb 2 - EVENT @ South Eugene HS in Eugene 9am to 5pm w/ Lunch break, approx - Bus provided by First Student (Bethel) 
  • Feb 2 - Return Home just before midnight, Dinner en route - Bus provided by First Student (Medford) 
CHAPERONES: John Doty (Troupe Director), Diana Garrett (Alum Parent / ViMS), Kim Pelch (Parent/ViMS)

Paperwork for Parent Signatures: Permission, Releases, etc... Will be handed out on Jan 25 and must be returned on Jan 31 

Please note - if you are a musical entry, you MUST have an accompaniment track... if a recording, it cannot have any VOICES on it... you must have a way to play it loud enough to balance with your voice in the space...

05 January 2013

Happy New Year

So...Short Scenes is supposed to happen next weekend for the Sem 1 Intro group. Moment of truth time for them. Also be aware the Regionals stuff starts in fast and furious this week, with opt in opt out deadlines getting here VERY FAST, and there is an exhibition performance for regionals pieces coming up in about 11 days (that will also be the 'Save my grade' op for the folks who crash on Short Scenes).