19 November 2013

Hamlet time changed to 6:30

Normal show time of 7pm is NOT IN EFFECT for Hamlet, because of the length of the show!  Doors will open at 6pm and the show will begin at 6:30 for this production to accommodate a running time of just over three hours plus two intermissions!

06 August 2013

It Begins Again...

This week, the casts of The Diary of Anne Frank and Hamlet, Prince of Denmark began daily rehearsals in the Sjolund and Broud Theaters, respectively. The Troupe Officers have started the production history posters project in FA8. The costume inventory has grown and organization projects are underway. Later this week, two work days (Wednesday, 8/7 from 10am to 12n and Saturday, 8/10 from 10 am to 4pm) are scheduled to get the spaces ready for school to start and for two productions to launch. Additional work days will happen most of the remaining Saturdays and scattered across several weekdays. Keep an eye here and on the #358 facebook group for details.

For fans of BTT, the facebook BTT page is the place for schedule and ticket announcements, share it with your friends!

24 April 2013

Oz in the Mail Trib!

Read it all here!

Nice picture of the Munchkinland sequence, too!

20 February 2013

Wizard stuff

Reading this? Look up and to the left side of the screen... there is a tab "CALL BOARD"  click it.  That's where all the schedule info is, also rehearsal music links.  Tra la la!

19 February 2013

Bowmer Project Application

So you wanna see a play?  There are approximately 20 seats available for the Bowmer Project that will be filled by application of interested students active in theater but NOT enrolled in Advanced Theater (they are automatically in).

What your application needs to include:

Brief biographical info - including your history as a play-goer and your family's history as play-goers.

An explanation of the Bowmer Project program in your own words (to demonstrate you 'get it')... if you've never heard of it, look here, then ask an upperclassman.

A realistic assessment of how you will use your Pass+1 - frequency, transportation, willingness to bring along others, etc...

Your written responses, either by hand or emailed to me, are due end of day MONDAY, Feb 25.

Congratulations to the Cast of The Wizard of Oz!

Please come to an Organizational Meeting / Meet n Greet on Wednesday After School 
1st Table Read: Thursday, Feb 21, 4pm; 2nd Table Read: Friday, Feb 22, 4pm 

Dorothy Gale  -  Hannah Whitney
Aunt Emily Gale / Glinda  -  Moriah Sucraw
Uncle Henry Gale / Emerald City Guard  -  Griffin Allensis
Zeke / Cowardly Lion  -  Daved Yun
Hickory / Tin Woodsman  -  Garrett Bond
Hunk / Scarecrow  -  Ricardo Cervantes, Jr
Miss Almira Gultch / Wicked Witch  -  Celia Johnson
Professor Chester Marvel / Wizard of Oz  -  Kyle Graves

CHORUS  -  Maddie Schmidt, Kayla Jackson, Sydney Dunn, Chloe Motta, Maya Roussell, Jorden Smith, Alex Gao, Jacob Gooding, Kyle Bird, and up to 10 younger performers (cast in March)
may include Munchkin Mayor, Munchkin Barrister, Munchkin Coroner, Munchkin Braggart, Munchkin Fiddler, Munchkin School Teachers, Munchkin City Fathers, Munchkin Tough Guys, Munchkin Tots, Ozzian Beauticians, Ozzian Manicurists, Ozzian Polishers, and
Ozzian Men & Women 

Crows, Snowmen, Winkies (Boys’ Chorus); Trees, Poppies (Girls’ Chorus)

Winkie General  -  Alex Gao
Nikko (Lead Monkey)  -  Chloe Motta
Jitterbugs  -  Kayla Jackson, Moriah Sucraw, Maddie Schmidt

26 January 2013

Regionals Info for the Facebookless

EVENT: $12 per person per entry.
DISCOUNT: $2 per person per entry for inducted Thespians.
LODGING: $25 per person - We are staying at the La Quinta, 155 Day Island Road, Eugene, 541-344-8335, near Autzen
Event and Lodging costs MUST be paid in part or whole before we depart!! 
TRANSPORT: We massively encourage (beg) an additional amount up to $10 to help to cover the costs of the bus. This is an optional amount - please pitch in what you can...
FOOD: two dinners and a lunch, $20 should do it...

Dates & Times: 
  • Jan 30 - Exhibition performances in the Little Theater 
  • Jan 31 - Partial Payment deadline, All Signed Paperwork turned in! 
  • Feb 1 - Depart NMHS just after 4pm, Dinner en route - Bus provided by First Student (Medford) 
  • Feb 2 - EVENT @ South Eugene HS in Eugene 9am to 5pm w/ Lunch break, approx - Bus provided by First Student (Bethel) 
  • Feb 2 - Return Home just before midnight, Dinner en route - Bus provided by First Student (Medford) 
CHAPERONES: John Doty (Troupe Director), Diana Garrett (Alum Parent / ViMS), Kim Pelch (Parent/ViMS)

Paperwork for Parent Signatures: Permission, Releases, etc... Will be handed out on Jan 25 and must be returned on Jan 31 

Please note - if you are a musical entry, you MUST have an accompaniment track... if a recording, it cannot have any VOICES on it... you must have a way to play it loud enough to balance with your voice in the space...

05 January 2013

Happy New Year

So...Short Scenes is supposed to happen next weekend for the Sem 1 Intro group. Moment of truth time for them. Also be aware the Regionals stuff starts in fast and furious this week, with opt in opt out deadlines getting here VERY FAST, and there is an exhibition performance for regionals pieces coming up in about 11 days (that will also be the 'Save my grade' op for the folks who crash on Short Scenes).