10 October 2012

Christmas Carol Rehearsals

  • 7/8 is BLOCK 7 or BLOCK 8
  • ZOMBIES! Cast are "Drop is as can", not pulled to XMas
  • Carolers, if you don't have lines in a Stave, please get to as many rehearsals as possible before Nov 01, but you are not called as carolers until then. Music will be available Oct 20
  • While ZOMBIES! is up, we will do most work in Auditorium, Mezzanine level
  • From Nov 12, on, Set work will happen during 2nd, 5th, 7/8, and for as much as 2 hours AFTER rehearsal ends. As you can help...
  • On Choir/Orch Concert nights in October, check in in Auditorium for move to alternate space
  • Prepping the space for Dancing with the Stars is NOT optional. Full Troupe assistance is expected.
R Oct 11 - BUILD ZOMBIES! 10am-4pm
F Oct 12 - BUILD ZOMBIES! 10am-1pm
S Oct 13 - OFF
S Oct 14 - OFF
M Oct 15, 7/8-5pm - Table Work, Stave 1
T Oct 16, 7/8-5pm - Table Work, Stave 2
W Oct 17, 7/8-5pm - Table Work, Stave 3
R Oct 18, 7/8-5pm - Table Work, Stave 4; CHOIR CONCERT
F Oct 19, 7/8-5pm - Table Work, Stave 5
S Oct 20 - ZOMBIES! Final Tech stuff
Oct 21 - OFF
M Oct 22, 7/8-5pm - Staging Work, Stave 1
T Oct 23, 7/8-5pm - Staging Work, Stave 2
W Oct 24, 7/8-5pm - Staging Work, Stave 3; ORCH CONCERT
R Oct 25, 7/8-5pm - Staging Work, Stave 4
F Oct 26, 7/8-5pm - Staging Work, Stave 5
S Oct 27 - Props & Costumes, 10am-1pm; Zombies @ 2pm&7pm
S Oct 28 - OFF
M Oct 29 - KIDS CALL 4:00pm Main Stage
T Oct 30 - ZOMBIES! show (7:00 curtain)
W Oct 31 - ZOMBIES! closes (6:30 curtain)
R Nov 01, 4pm-6pm - Explore/Discover, Stave 1
F Nov 02, 4pm-6pm - Explore/Discover, Stave 2
S Nov 03 - STRIKE ZOMBIES! / BUILD XMAS, 10am-4pm
S Nov 04 - OFF
M Nov 05, 4pm-6pm - Explore/Discover, Stave 3 
T Nov 06, 4pm-6pm - Explore/Discover, Stave 4; BAND CONCERT
W Nov 07, 4pm-6pm - Explore/Discover, Stave 5 
R Nov 08, 7/8-5pm - Line Thru, space recovery until 8pm
F Nov 09 - Dancing w/ the RV Stars rehearsal
S Nov 10 - Dancing w/ the RV Stars 2pm & 7pm
S Nov 11 - BUILD XMAS, 1pm-4pm (DwtRVS accommodation)
M Nov 12, 4pm-6pm - Polish, Stave 1&2 No Scripts
T Nov 13, 4pm-6pm - Polish, Stave 2&3 No Scripts, FACULTY REC
W Nov 14, 4pm-6pm - Polish, Stave 3&4 No Scripts
R Nov 15, 4pm-6pm - Polish, Stave 4&5 No Scripts
F Nov 16, 4pm-6pm - Stumble Thru, Full Show, No Scripts
S Nov 17 - ALL DAY CALL 10am-9pm, w/meal breaks
S Nov 18 - OFF
M Nov 19, 4pm-7pm - RUN w/Tech 
T Nov 20, 4pm-7pm - RUN w/Tech
W Nov 21, 4pm-6pm - READ Thru ON BOOK
R Nov 22 - THANKSGIVING - eat something
F Nov 23 - Leftovers, anyone? - Run show in your head
S Nov 23 - RUN ALL YOUR SCENES out loud :)  Thx
S Nov 25 - OFF
M Nov 26 - Full Run, 5pm start No Scripts    \   End 
T Nov 27 - Full Run, 6pm start No LINE CALLS  \  Times
W Nov 28 - Dress Run, 7pm start               /  NOT
R Nov 29 - Final Dress, 7pm start            /   SET
F Nov 30 - SHOW OPENS, 7pm Curtain         
S Dec 01 - Matinee @ 2pm, Evening @7pm

Later Dec pickup rehearsal(s) and show date(s) info will post on or before Nov 1

08 October 2012

DonorsChoose Match!

We don't have a project pending, but gifts given right now with the match code PUMPKIN are doubled.  So you CAN give a GIFT CARD to Black Tornado Theater that we can apply to our NEXT project, and for the rest of this month, that gift is doubled! So, maybe if ALL the people who like us on facebook decide to give $10, which doubles to $20, and there are over 200 of you, so that means $4000 for us to use on script library development, getting started on a design lab, etc... think about a gift! We'd love it!

05 October 2012

Casting News

Congratulations to the Cast of A Christmas Carol
Please get a copy of the ORIGINAL NOVEL text to read over the weekend. Scripts will be available MONDAY and the first Table Read will be TUESDAY at 4pm

1st Narrator

Kate Pelch
2nd Narrator

Celia Johnson
3rd Narrator

Lewis Severson
Ebeneezer Scrooge

Jordan Freed
Bob Cratchit

Nat Dalbec
Spirit of Christmas Past

Sydnie Gilinsky
Spirit of Christmas Present

Mike Winters
Spirit of Christmas Yet to Come

Sean Warren
Fred Hollowell, Ebeneezer's nephew

Lewis Severson
Mrs. Cratchit / Ensemble

Leslie Kirstein
Belinda Cratchit

Devyn Guches
Martha Cratchit / Ensemble

Chloe Motta
Peter Cratchit

TBA 10-12 Yr Old
Tiny Tim

TBA 8-10 Yr Old
Janet Hollowell, Fred's new wife

Maya Roussell
Mr. Castillo, Charity Solicitor

Gerry Rodriguez
Mrs. Davies, Charity Solicitor

Celia Johnson
Jacob Marley, Ebeneezer's dead partner

Gunner Fraley
School-age Ebeneezer (about 8 eight years old)

TBA doubled w Peter Cratchit?
Young adult Ebeneezer

Zach Ward
Fran, Ebeneezer's little sister (10-12 years old)

tentatively Aria Allensis
Mr. Fezziwig, Ebeneezer's jovial employer

Gunner Fraley
Mrs. Fezziwig / Ensemble

Kate Pelch
Belle, Ebeneezer's young romance

Bri Owens-Guillemette
Ensemble / Gentleman #1

Brandon Bellamy
Ensemble / Gentleman #2

Kyle Shirey
Ignorance & Want (boy and girl, 4-6 years old)

Old Joe, the junk dealer

Kyle Shirey
Mrs. Oliver, the charwoman

Celia Johnson
Mrs. Dilber, the laundress

Sydnie Gilinsky
Mr. Tackleton, the Undertaker

Gerry Rodrieguez
Ensemble / Brokers 1, 2, 3 and 4

Brandon Bellamy
Mike Winters
Garrett Bond
Cody Steen
Additional Carolers / Ensemble

Jessica Donahue
Garrett Bond
Megan Anderson
Devyn Guches
Larenzi Stover
Geraldo Rodrieguez