22 August 2012


Zombies! Rehearsal Info is being coordinated thru a Facebook Group, I think... Updated info and links about Zombies! should be added here as a comment


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Will do!

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Band rehearsals will be starting on Wednesday. They will happen every monday, wednesday, and friday during 7th or 8th block. We could still use a third and/or fourth guitarist to divide the music up further. Any suggestions?

Anonymous said...

Rehearsals Schedule Weeks 4-6
+ Indicates vocal rehersal
* Indicates choreography rehearsal

Week 4
September 10th –No Rehearsals but it’s the off book date so use you time wisely!
September 11th – 4-6 Megan and Lewis*
-Run all Megan and Lewis scenes and songs off book and review choreography
September 12th (Auditions from 3–5) - 5-7 –Garret*
-5:30-7 – Robert, Megan, Lewis*
- Run Garret’s monologue, Fight or Flight, and Scene change as well as surrounding scenes off book and review choreography
September 13th (Auditions from 3-5) – 5-6:30 – Blythe
-5-7 – Robert, Megan, Lewis, Garret
-5:45-7 – Sigmund
-Run Blythe’s house, Bad Streak, Bad, Megan and Robert, Garret and Lewis off book
September 14th (Auditions from 3-5) – 4-5:30 All leads
-put together of all of the summer scenes with Daved,
-be on your best behavior while I am auditioning the ensemble
-Be gone at 5:30 because Daved and I need to leave for marching band

Week 5 – Macbeth Cast excused at 5
September 17th – 4-6 Ensemble Cast list goes up – Call TBA
-punchlist of scenes
-There will be down time for everyone – Go help Doty with Mackers stuff
September 18th – 4-6 Full Cast!
-Readthrough/Talkthrough/Listen through, with Ensemble
-Sigmund, Blythe, Robert, Garret – Go help Doty with Mackers stuff in off time
September 19th – 4-6 Full Cast +
-Sigmund and Blythe 4-5
-Team Bonding and learn Zombies!
September 20th – 4-6 Full Cast+
-Continue learning/reviewing Zombies! Block party scene
-Sigmund, Blythe, Robert, Garret – Go help Doty with Macker’s stuff
September 21st – 4-6 – Ensemble plus Megan and Lewis
- Choreography Zombies! Review blocking for party scene if time
- I will be gone: Be on your best behavior for Bri and Daved!
September 22nd- GO SEE MACBETH!

Week 6
September 24th- 4-6
September 25th-4-5:30
September 26th-4-6
September 27th-4-6
September 28th-4-6

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In case you havn't seen me post the page on every local theatre, or zombie related site, or my wall, or the ITS wall, I'll post it here too. Join the growing fad. It's the cool thing to do. Zombies! the musical. Yeah man.