06 June 2012

Announcing the MACBETH COMPANY for Summer 2012
Scripts will be available from Thursday, Lunch through end of school on Friday, also downloadable from nmdrama.blogspot.com
Hector Zaragoza - ANGUS also 2nd Apparition, SIWARD
Brandon Bellamy - BANQUO also Ensemble
Kyle Shirey - DONALBAIN also 2nd Murderer, Ensemble
Gunner Fraley - DUNCAN also 1st Murderer, Scottish Doctor, Ensemble
Griffin Allensis - FLEANCE also 3rd Apparition, Ensemble
Rachel Warren - LADY MACBETH also Ensemble
Kayla Jackson - LADY MACDUFF also Ensemble
Karla Nuñez - LENNOX also English Doctor, Ensemble
Ricardo Cervantes - MACBETH
Zach Ward - MACDUFF
Mike Winters - MALCOLM also 1st Apparition, Ensemble
Jasmine Mendoza - ROSS also Ensemble
Nick Goyette - YOUNG SIWARD also Ensemble
Nat Dalbec - Sergeant also Son, Ensemble
Bri Owens - 1st Witch also Gentlewoman, Ensemble
Jorden Smith - 2nd Witch also Ensemble
Bethany Rice - 3rd Witch also Ensemble

Shyonna Leach - Stage Manager
Cassie Seaney - Crew Lead also Ensemble
Cody Steen - Crew Member also Ensemble
Todd Tremblay - Crew Member also Ensemble
Heather Patterson - Crew Member also Ensemble

Ensemble includes servants, attendants, messengers, Lords, soldiers, and others; may have lines.
  • This production will be set in the WWI timeframe, and will therefore see an alternate interpretation of the witches.
  • Actors portraying characters who fight or are killed should be prepared to train with knives, swords, firearms, ‘found weapons’ and unarmed combat.
  • All Cast will be required to participate in safety training related to working on the roof, with all the combat scenes and with possible pyrotechnics (cross your fingers)
REHEARSALS BEGIN JULY 30 – Schedule Information will be posted online beginning July 5 at nmdrama.blogspot.com with pointers on the Troupe #358 facebook page

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What happened to Nick Goyette?