22 May 2012

2012/13 Season!!

Black Tornado Theater is proud to announce the majority of the season for the 2012/13 school year!
  • Opening the year will be the Summer Workshop: William Shakespeare's Macbeth in early September in the FA Courtyard.
  • At Halloween, the original musical ZOMBIES!, by Spencer Funk, will run for 3 dates in the Little Theater.
  • In Early December, Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol will take the Little Theater stage
  • In Early February, Zach Ward will direct Eugene Ionesco's The Rhinoceros.
  • Gunner Fraley directs the one act version of Flowers for Algernon, with performances at the State One Act Marathon in April and at the end of Q3 and Q4 as part of the Play in a Day and Short Scenes events.
  • The Spring Musical will be announced prior to the opening of Macbeth and will take the Sjolund stage on the weekend ending April 27.
These dates are not yet etched in stone, as the district calendar is still in planning stages, but they are the targets we are aiming for. The specific dates for Macbeth and the musical will be influenced by the scheduling of football and prom.

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