03 December 2012

Christmas Carol Rehearsals - DECEMBER

Dec 10 - 4-6 Line Thru (FAST, cast only)
Dec 17 - 4-6 Walk Thru (CREW CALLED)
Dec 19 - 4-9 Shift rehearsal @4, dinner @5:15, SHOW @7

10 October 2012

Christmas Carol Rehearsals

  • 7/8 is BLOCK 7 or BLOCK 8
  • ZOMBIES! Cast are "Drop is as can", not pulled to XMas
  • Carolers, if you don't have lines in a Stave, please get to as many rehearsals as possible before Nov 01, but you are not called as carolers until then. Music will be available Oct 20
  • While ZOMBIES! is up, we will do most work in Auditorium, Mezzanine level
  • From Nov 12, on, Set work will happen during 2nd, 5th, 7/8, and for as much as 2 hours AFTER rehearsal ends. As you can help...
  • On Choir/Orch Concert nights in October, check in in Auditorium for move to alternate space
  • Prepping the space for Dancing with the Stars is NOT optional. Full Troupe assistance is expected.
R Oct 11 - BUILD ZOMBIES! 10am-4pm
F Oct 12 - BUILD ZOMBIES! 10am-1pm
S Oct 13 - OFF
S Oct 14 - OFF
M Oct 15, 7/8-5pm - Table Work, Stave 1
T Oct 16, 7/8-5pm - Table Work, Stave 2
W Oct 17, 7/8-5pm - Table Work, Stave 3
R Oct 18, 7/8-5pm - Table Work, Stave 4; CHOIR CONCERT
F Oct 19, 7/8-5pm - Table Work, Stave 5
S Oct 20 - ZOMBIES! Final Tech stuff
Oct 21 - OFF
M Oct 22, 7/8-5pm - Staging Work, Stave 1
T Oct 23, 7/8-5pm - Staging Work, Stave 2
W Oct 24, 7/8-5pm - Staging Work, Stave 3; ORCH CONCERT
R Oct 25, 7/8-5pm - Staging Work, Stave 4
F Oct 26, 7/8-5pm - Staging Work, Stave 5
S Oct 27 - Props & Costumes, 10am-1pm; Zombies @ 2pm&7pm
S Oct 28 - OFF
M Oct 29 - KIDS CALL 4:00pm Main Stage
T Oct 30 - ZOMBIES! show (7:00 curtain)
W Oct 31 - ZOMBIES! closes (6:30 curtain)
R Nov 01, 4pm-6pm - Explore/Discover, Stave 1
F Nov 02, 4pm-6pm - Explore/Discover, Stave 2
S Nov 03 - STRIKE ZOMBIES! / BUILD XMAS, 10am-4pm
S Nov 04 - OFF
M Nov 05, 4pm-6pm - Explore/Discover, Stave 3 
T Nov 06, 4pm-6pm - Explore/Discover, Stave 4; BAND CONCERT
W Nov 07, 4pm-6pm - Explore/Discover, Stave 5 
R Nov 08, 7/8-5pm - Line Thru, space recovery until 8pm
F Nov 09 - Dancing w/ the RV Stars rehearsal
S Nov 10 - Dancing w/ the RV Stars 2pm & 7pm
S Nov 11 - BUILD XMAS, 1pm-4pm (DwtRVS accommodation)
M Nov 12, 4pm-6pm - Polish, Stave 1&2 No Scripts
T Nov 13, 4pm-6pm - Polish, Stave 2&3 No Scripts, FACULTY REC
W Nov 14, 4pm-6pm - Polish, Stave 3&4 No Scripts
R Nov 15, 4pm-6pm - Polish, Stave 4&5 No Scripts
F Nov 16, 4pm-6pm - Stumble Thru, Full Show, No Scripts
S Nov 17 - ALL DAY CALL 10am-9pm, w/meal breaks
S Nov 18 - OFF
M Nov 19, 4pm-7pm - RUN w/Tech 
T Nov 20, 4pm-7pm - RUN w/Tech
W Nov 21, 4pm-6pm - READ Thru ON BOOK
R Nov 22 - THANKSGIVING - eat something
F Nov 23 - Leftovers, anyone? - Run show in your head
S Nov 23 - RUN ALL YOUR SCENES out loud :)  Thx
S Nov 25 - OFF
M Nov 26 - Full Run, 5pm start No Scripts    \   End 
T Nov 27 - Full Run, 6pm start No LINE CALLS  \  Times
W Nov 28 - Dress Run, 7pm start               /  NOT
R Nov 29 - Final Dress, 7pm start            /   SET
F Nov 30 - SHOW OPENS, 7pm Curtain         
S Dec 01 - Matinee @ 2pm, Evening @7pm

Later Dec pickup rehearsal(s) and show date(s) info will post on or before Nov 1

08 October 2012

DonorsChoose Match!

We don't have a project pending, but gifts given right now with the match code PUMPKIN are doubled.  So you CAN give a GIFT CARD to Black Tornado Theater that we can apply to our NEXT project, and for the rest of this month, that gift is doubled! So, maybe if ALL the people who like us on facebook decide to give $10, which doubles to $20, and there are over 200 of you, so that means $4000 for us to use on script library development, getting started on a design lab, etc... think about a gift! We'd love it!

05 October 2012

Casting News

Congratulations to the Cast of A Christmas Carol
Please get a copy of the ORIGINAL NOVEL text to read over the weekend. Scripts will be available MONDAY and the first Table Read will be TUESDAY at 4pm

1st Narrator

Kate Pelch
2nd Narrator

Celia Johnson
3rd Narrator

Lewis Severson
Ebeneezer Scrooge

Jordan Freed
Bob Cratchit

Nat Dalbec
Spirit of Christmas Past

Sydnie Gilinsky
Spirit of Christmas Present

Mike Winters
Spirit of Christmas Yet to Come

Sean Warren
Fred Hollowell, Ebeneezer's nephew

Lewis Severson
Mrs. Cratchit / Ensemble

Leslie Kirstein
Belinda Cratchit

Devyn Guches
Martha Cratchit / Ensemble

Chloe Motta
Peter Cratchit

TBA 10-12 Yr Old
Tiny Tim

TBA 8-10 Yr Old
Janet Hollowell, Fred's new wife

Maya Roussell
Mr. Castillo, Charity Solicitor

Gerry Rodriguez
Mrs. Davies, Charity Solicitor

Celia Johnson
Jacob Marley, Ebeneezer's dead partner

Gunner Fraley
School-age Ebeneezer (about 8 eight years old)

TBA doubled w Peter Cratchit?
Young adult Ebeneezer

Zach Ward
Fran, Ebeneezer's little sister (10-12 years old)

tentatively Aria Allensis
Mr. Fezziwig, Ebeneezer's jovial employer

Gunner Fraley
Mrs. Fezziwig / Ensemble

Kate Pelch
Belle, Ebeneezer's young romance

Bri Owens-Guillemette
Ensemble / Gentleman #1

Brandon Bellamy
Ensemble / Gentleman #2

Kyle Shirey
Ignorance & Want (boy and girl, 4-6 years old)

Old Joe, the junk dealer

Kyle Shirey
Mrs. Oliver, the charwoman

Celia Johnson
Mrs. Dilber, the laundress

Sydnie Gilinsky
Mr. Tackleton, the Undertaker

Gerry Rodrieguez
Ensemble / Brokers 1, 2, 3 and 4

Brandon Bellamy
Mike Winters
Garrett Bond
Cody Steen
Additional Carolers / Ensemble

Jessica Donahue
Garrett Bond
Megan Anderson
Devyn Guches
Larenzi Stover
Geraldo Rodrieguez

30 September 2012


ZOMBIES! Will be building on the 6th, and though Spencer may not know it, on the 11th and 12th.
For the 6th, we need a ViMS because I am NOT available (I'll be at Improv Festival).

Time for the 6th will be announced in Comments, as I am not the adult and don't know :)

The 11th will be 10am to 4pm, the 12th will be in the 10am to 1pm, then I have to leave.

ZOMBIES final set dressing will be on the 20th, again 10am to 4pm.

28 September 2012

Auditions for A Christmas Carol

October 2 & 3, starting at 3pm and going until 6pm
Prepare 1 1/2 to 2 minutes of memorized monologue
Be ready to sing one verse of pre 1900 Christmas carol

Cast will Post on or about Oct 5
Table Read on Oct 8
Table Work thru Oct 12 (yes, including days without school...)
Staging begins Oct 15
Performances Nov 30, twice on Dec 1, Dec 19 and possible additional dates TBD

24 September 2012

Macbeth Encore!

Every night of Macbeth sold out (Thursday we started with fewer seats and added to accomodate everyone, Friday and Saturday, we started with more seats and then turned people away)

We have added a TUESDAY EVENING SHOW and ticket sales are Live!

Ticket Sales also went live this morning for Zombies!

22 September 2012

Macbeth sells out 1st two performances...

... possibility for added shows...

Use the link on the top right for SeatYourself ticketing to guarantee you have a seat for the Saturday show, which as of now is the final performance scheduled. The cast has expressed willingness to add dates next week and the calendar has some cushion. The ultimate call needs to be made collectively with the school, not just be the theater. Watch this space for news! 

11 September 2012

Follow the Yellow Brick Road!

Seems we will be doing a musical set somewhere NOT Kansas... more to come.

22 August 2012


Zombies! Rehearsal Info is being coordinated thru a Facebook Group, I think... Updated info and links about Zombies! should be added here as a comment

26 July 2012

Additional Season Dates to Note

  • Thespian Leadership Summit: 9/29-30/2012, Jesuit HS (Portland)
  • Thespian Improv Festival: 10/6/2012, Grants Pass HS
  • Live and Laughing: 10/10/2012, 1/16/2013, 3/6/2013, 5/16/2013
  • Play in a Day: 11/3/2012, 3/16/2013
  • Short Scenes: 1/12 2013, 6/1/2013, 6/4/2013
  • Thespian Regional Competition: 2/2/2013, Location TBD (Ashland?)
  • BOWMER PROJECT: 3/7/13 (My Fair Lady); 3/15/13 (Taming of the Shrew)
  • Thespian State Conference: 4/4-6/2013, Salem Conference Center 
         (During SPRING BREAK <-- NOTE THIS)

26 June 2012

Mackers Schedule Info - UPDATED 8/20

We are in the HOME STRETCH!!!

Sep 4 - 7: 4pm to 7pm, not everyone whole time
Sep 8: Tech folks 10am to 4pm; 4pm to 8pm for Actors - both times might slip to be MORE
Sep 10 - 14: 4pm to 7pm, not everyone for whole time, TECHS called from here on
MON: Act IV-V, TUE: Act I-III, WED: Act II-I, THU: Act III-V, FRI Full Show
Sep 15: 10am to 10pm, EVERYONE
Sep 16: OFF
Sep 17 - 19: DRESS REHEARSALS 6pm start, 10 pm close
Sep 20 - 22: SHOWS: 7:30 Curtain, 9:45 End

06 June 2012

Announcing the MACBETH COMPANY for Summer 2012
Scripts will be available from Thursday, Lunch through end of school on Friday, also downloadable from nmdrama.blogspot.com
Hector Zaragoza - ANGUS also 2nd Apparition, SIWARD
Brandon Bellamy - BANQUO also Ensemble
Kyle Shirey - DONALBAIN also 2nd Murderer, Ensemble
Gunner Fraley - DUNCAN also 1st Murderer, Scottish Doctor, Ensemble
Griffin Allensis - FLEANCE also 3rd Apparition, Ensemble
Rachel Warren - LADY MACBETH also Ensemble
Kayla Jackson - LADY MACDUFF also Ensemble
Karla Nuñez - LENNOX also English Doctor, Ensemble
Ricardo Cervantes - MACBETH
Zach Ward - MACDUFF
Mike Winters - MALCOLM also 1st Apparition, Ensemble
Jasmine Mendoza - ROSS also Ensemble
Nick Goyette - YOUNG SIWARD also Ensemble
Nat Dalbec - Sergeant also Son, Ensemble
Bri Owens - 1st Witch also Gentlewoman, Ensemble
Jorden Smith - 2nd Witch also Ensemble
Bethany Rice - 3rd Witch also Ensemble

Shyonna Leach - Stage Manager
Cassie Seaney - Crew Lead also Ensemble
Cody Steen - Crew Member also Ensemble
Todd Tremblay - Crew Member also Ensemble
Heather Patterson - Crew Member also Ensemble

Ensemble includes servants, attendants, messengers, Lords, soldiers, and others; may have lines.
  • This production will be set in the WWI timeframe, and will therefore see an alternate interpretation of the witches.
  • Actors portraying characters who fight or are killed should be prepared to train with knives, swords, firearms, ‘found weapons’ and unarmed combat.
  • All Cast will be required to participate in safety training related to working on the roof, with all the combat scenes and with possible pyrotechnics (cross your fingers)
REHEARSALS BEGIN JULY 30 – Schedule Information will be posted online beginning July 5 at nmdrama.blogspot.com with pointers on the Troupe #358 facebook page

31 May 2012


22 May 2012

2012/13 Season!!

Black Tornado Theater is proud to announce the majority of the season for the 2012/13 school year!
  • Opening the year will be the Summer Workshop: William Shakespeare's Macbeth in early September in the FA Courtyard.
  • At Halloween, the original musical ZOMBIES!, by Spencer Funk, will run for 3 dates in the Little Theater.
  • In Early December, Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol will take the Little Theater stage
  • In Early February, Zach Ward will direct Eugene Ionesco's The Rhinoceros.
  • Gunner Fraley directs the one act version of Flowers for Algernon, with performances at the State One Act Marathon in April and at the end of Q3 and Q4 as part of the Play in a Day and Short Scenes events.
  • The Spring Musical will be announced prior to the opening of Macbeth and will take the Sjolund stage on the weekend ending April 27.
These dates are not yet etched in stone, as the district calendar is still in planning stages, but they are the targets we are aiming for. The specific dates for Macbeth and the musical will be influenced by the scheduling of football and prom.

08 May 2012

Next Up! SHKSPR!! and beyond...

Then, on May 21, the announcement of the 2012/13 Season!

On May 23, "Live and Laughing, Series III, pt 3", again in the Little Theater, but with a delayed (7:30pm) start to partner with a Milli Vanilli FACEOFF between North and South as part of a Sparrow Club fundraiser.

May 24, Zombies info meeting in the Little Theater @ Lunch

May 29 & 30 - Auditions for Summer Workshop (Announcing on May 21)
May 31, Jun 1 - Auditions as needed for principal roles in Zombies

On Jun 2 & 5, SHORT SCENES from the Theater Classes, in the Little Theater at 7pm

Jun 7, INDUCTIONS and AWARDS for Troupe #358 for 2011/12

26 April 2012

Into the Woods - TICKET INFO

BEST PLACE to BUY - @ Farmers Market, on 99 between Phoenix and Talent - save $1 on adult and $0.50 on student/senior prices (the business is donating the difference)

OTHER PLACES to BUY - Online (link on the right of this page), at the NMHS Activities Office (Starting FRIDAY, APRIL 27), at the Door, or from a Black Tornado Theater student (advnace sales by students can also earn them production support points and comp tickets, so consider this option)

DISCOUNT DEALS - Bring a  PAID (not COMP) stub from a May 2-4 show to the May 5 Matinee and get in for 1/2 price.

27 March 2012

Into the Woods INFO

Updated schedule on the BLACK . T O R N A D O . THEATER: CALL BOARD

Online Ticket Sales are ACTIVE!
Tickets are also available for Advance Purchase from Cast members starting TOMORROW (and buying them in person is better than online - no processing fee increasing the price for the buyer and no handling fee reducing our profit)

UPDATED for the WEEK of April 16!!

12 March 2012

Into the Woods schedule

MO 03.19Blk7 ♫ Baker, Wife, Cindy;
4pm Full Cast Meeting / Read Act I
TU 03.20Blk7 ♫ Jack's Mom, Witch;
4pm Full Cast Read Act II
WE 03.21Act I Open, Act II Finale;
4pm continues Full Cast Opening, One Midnight Gone, Act I Finale,Act II Finale
TH 03.22Blk7 Rapunzel, Witch, Princes;
4pm ♫ Baker, Cindy, Red, Jack, Witch
FR 03.23Blk7 Baker, Wife
SA 03.24OFF
SU 03.25OFF
notesnothing scheduled during spring break, but pay attention to this and the facebook page for the possibility of a drop-in work day!
Off Book on Act I lyrics by 04.06, Act II Lyrics by 04.11, all non-lyric dialog by 04.16

08 March 2012

Congratulations to the Cast of Into the Woods

The following students are our choices for the spring 2012 production of Into the Woods.

Rehearsal Schedules will post HERE and on a group page which will be started at Facebook for the cast and crew. Some announcements will also post to the ITS Troupe #358 and Black Tornado Theater facebook pages...

Understudy indications are not complete - we will make some additional determinations over the next two weeks. Also during the next two weeks, we will make determinations about Milky White (to use a person or a prop), and announce specifics about Sleeping Beauty and Snow White.

Understudies will NOT be assured a performance at this time.

In Order of Appearance
Gunner Fraley trading w/ Daved Yun
Kayla Jackson
Ricardo Cervantes
Zach Ward
Baker's Wife
Rachel Warren
Step Mother
Shyonna Leach (US Cindy)
Ariel Statchwick (US Jack’s Mom)
Hale Gervais (US Red)
Jack's Mother
Celia Johnson
Little Red Riding Hood
Hannah Whitney
Maddie Schmidt / Emma Bloomquist
Cinderella's Father
Scott Fernandez (US Jack)
Cinderella's Mother
Miranda Tremblay (US both Step Sisters)
Mysterious Man
Daved Yun trading w/ Gunner Fraley
Gerry Rodriguez
Sydney Dunn
Rapunzel's Prince
Jake Parker
Kendra Straub
Cinderella's Prince
Sam Dauphin (US Wolf)
Todd Tremblay (US both Princes)
Giant's Voice
Liberty Parnell

07 March 2012

Into the Woods: Call Backs

Call Backs for
Into the Woods
Please make yourself available to Mr Warren during one of the following time slots, meeting initially in FA8:
Wednesday during 7th (3:00)
Thursday during 8th (3:00)

Each individual should need approx 5 minutes.

Sydney Dunn           Gunner Fraley
Jorden Smith           Jake Parker
Ariel Stachwick         Daved Yun

This list does not represent whether or not you’ve been cast or are not being considered. As of today, our plan is to use between 20 & 24 performers to cover all named characters in the show.

Cast list will post
in LT Lobby and on blogspot and facebook pages
on FRIDAY by lunch time.
Scripts will be available after school.

01 March 2012

16 February 2012

Meetings and Info and Planning (oh my!)

  • Troupe Officers will meet FRIDAY (2/17) at FA8 (lunch or 8th, time TBD), agenda planning info and finalized time on the #358 facebook page
  • Troupe will meet TUESDAY (2/21) at lunch in FA8, agenda info will firm up after the officers meeting
  • State Registration Meeting NEXT Friday (2/24) at lunch in FA8
  • State One Act Scripts & Casting: Please have both a first choice script, a back-up script, and casting firmed up by the Registration Meeting...

07 February 2012

Congrats!! Regionals results!

Huge kudos to our friends at South Eugene, who came to regionals with a LOT of very well prepared pieces and were rewarded by being represented on the stage in every category but two: Mime (where they didn't have an entry) and Small Group Music (where Eagle Point and South Albany managed close them out). Their most dominant field was Duo Music, where they swept both the Finalist honors and the Showcase Qualifier honors.

On the Troupe #358 front, two of our Duo Comedic (Experienced) entries were honored at the event. Spencer Funk and Brianna Gowland, competing with a scene from the upcoming Taming of the Shrew, were Regional Finalists. Rachel Warren and Kayla Jackson, competing with an excerpt of the short play The Blueberry Hill Accord, had the second best score of the category and will audition for the State Showcase in mid April, again in Salem.

A quick summary of the honored entries in the Southern Region:
Solo Acting (Nov)
Regional Finalists - Ashland, 2 from South Medford, 2 from South Eugene
Showcase Qualifier - South Eugene
Solo Acting (Exp)
Regional Finalists - 1 each from South Medford & Thurston, 4 from South Eugene
Showcase Qualifiers - 1 each from Ashland, Dallas, South Medford & Grants Pass, 3 from South Eugene
Group Acting
Regional Finalists - 1 each from South Eugene & South Salem
Showcase Qualifiers - 1 each from Phoenix & South Albany
Regional Finalists - none
Showcase Qualifiers - 2 from McNary
Duo Dramatic (Nov)
Regional Finalists - 1 each Ashland & South Eugene
Showcase Qualifier - South Eugene
Duo Dramatic (Exp)
Regional Finalists - 1 each from South Medford & Thurston, 2 from South Eugene
Showcase Qualifiers - 1 from South Salem, 2 from South Eugene
Duo Comic (Nov)
Regional Finalists - 1 each from Ashland, Crook County & Thurston, 2 from South Eugene
Showcase Qualifiers - South Eugene
Duo Comic (Exp)
Regional Finalists - 1 each from North Medford & Summit, 2 from South Eugene
Showcase Qualifiers - 1 each from North Medford & Thurston, 2 from South Eugene
Solo Music
Regional Finalists - 1 each from Dallas, South Medford, Grants Pass, West Albany & South Eugene, 2 from Ashland
Showcase Qualifiers - 1 from Summit, 2 from Thurston, 4 from South Eugene
Duo Music
Regional Finalists - 2 from South Eugene
Showcase Qualifiers - 2 from South Eugene
Sm Group Music
Regional Finalists - none
Showcase Qualifiers - 1 each from Eagle Point & South Albany
Lrg Group Music
Regional Finalists - none
Showcase Qualifiers - 1 each from Ashalnd & South Eugene

17 January 2012