24 November 2011

Cmplt Wrks Opening Week Sched.

Showtime is almost here! BE PREPARED! And be excited! :D
Depending on how long the punchlist, times may be slightly tweaked.

~ Monday the 28th~
2:45 - 3:15 --> Any fight choreo + scenes with fast, specific blocking (ei. comedies/speed thru of Hamlet.)

3:30 until finished --> All of Act II (all costumes + props excluding neutral costumes)
Extra time? --> re-run Hamlet speed-thru

~Tuesday the 29th~
2:45 - 3:15 --> Punchlist + fight choreo + scenes with fast, specific blocking.
3:30 until finished --> All of Act I (all costumes + props excluding neutral costumes)

~Wednesday the 30th~
3:00 --> Punchlist.
3:30 - until finished --> Dress rehearsal; whole show (All costumes + all props)

~Thursday the 1st~
2:45 - 3:20ish --> Punchlist + fight choreo
3:45 - until finished --> FINAL DRESS REHEARSAL

~Friday the 2nd~ !!!!!SHOWDAY!!!!!
2:45 --> Punchlist + Possible line thru (depending on how the week goes.)
5:00 --> Calltime + dinner (by whom TBA)


  • BE OFFBOOK. Lacking in this area will result in a compromise of future performances...

  • Have your converse shoes by Wednesday the 30th at the latest (Jordan = red, Sam = Purple, Zach = Blue, and Sydnie (although you don't need them yet) = green.)

  • Be prepared food-wise. Pack snacks, or run out very quickly and eat BEFORE REHEARSAL. Only water while we rehearse.

  • Don't be late! We're gonna use every second we can get for this.

22 November 2011

COMPLETE WORKS! (of some dude named Shakespeare)

Friday Night is the first of a scheduled THREE (and still possibly more) performances of The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged) slated for this season at NMHS. Opening in the Little Theater at 7pm, with a suggested donation of $5 (but more is graciously accepted!). You know you wanna see it!  Also, tell your friends!

01 November 2011

Box Office Updates

Online Ticket Sales now active for Fantasticks and Compleat Wrks... Death Trap still available, as well!