13 October 2011

Troupe Committees

Visit the Troupe #358 facebook page for updates on the committee structure established at yesterday's meeting!

03 October 2011


Plan on a Parent Meeting in Mid-October - we'd announce in class and at Live & Laughing. Date is FIRM: Oct 18 at 6pm in FA8.

Casting - The Fantasticks

Congratulations to the Cast of The Fantasticks, going up on the Sjolund Stage November 16-19, with 7pm shows each evening and a 1pm matinee on Saturday.

The Narrator - Spencer Funk
The Girl - Rachel Warren
The Boy - Ricardo Cervantes, Jr
The Girl's Mother - Tyler Grahame
The Boy's Mother - Shyonna Leach
The Old Performer - Madeline Schmidt
The Man Who Dies - Lewis Severson
The Mute - Sadie Handloser