29 September 2011

L&L! Cast

By request, here is the cast list for the "Live and Laughing!" cast for the October 5th show...

Zach "Goose" Ward
Daved Yun
Jake Parker
Sam "Tabs" Dauphin
Gunner Fraley
Spencer Funk
Jowie Man
Zach Graves
Connor Wahl
Bri Owens
Jordan Freed

Be sure to show up tomorrow Friday, September 30th in FA-8 for a meeting/rehearsal. Also be sure to keep Tuesday, October 4th open after school to reahearse and do a run through and the show is October 5th. Congrats everyone! :D

26 September 2011

Rehearsals and Other Fun

DeathTrap and Fantasticks start rehearsals TODAY - check the "Call Board" tab above... Also, concert season is looming. Tech opportunities emerge...

18 September 2011

Call Board updated, plus a meeting?

The call board is updated with 2nd week of ATTWN, Open House, and Auditions all on the docket.

I'd also like to pull the Troupe Officers and Dept Mgrs together during Block 7 next week for a meeting