25 August 2011

Fantasticks Audition Info

Greetings all!  Fantasticks will audition Sep 19-21 in the late afternoon/early evening in one of the two music classroom spaces. Persons interested in auditioning for Fantasticks MUST ALSO be willing to be considered for either Death Trap or Compleat Wrks - all three will be evaluating at the same time. Sign-up sheets will post in the LT lobby on THURSDAY, Sep 8. 

The same two monologues prepared for Compleat Works are ideal for this show, as well. Additionally, each person will need to learn two songs: a gender specific solo and a duet. We also ask that you demonstrate either pantomime skills or ball room dance skills. Specific audition music will be available on the first day of school in the LT and in Mr Warren's room.


Anonymous said...

So we are expected to have two monologues prepared? What length?
-Spencer F.

Kayla :D said...

The same as listed here: http://nmdrama.blogspot.com/2011/07/complete-works-audition-info.html

Anonymous said...

hi. this is Aryana Sarringar. from intro to theater. i want to audition, but haven't signed up yet, and now i have strep. might not be back until thursday or friday, would i be able to sign up then?

John said...

@Aryana, Yes :)