29 July 2011

Fundraising, End of July update

Still only 4 sponsorships in hand, but when I return to campus on Monday, we might find Sheila Johnson has envelopes full of money :)  We actually DO have verbal commitments from two donors: one a repeat from last year, one a new donor. Taken also with the pledged monies from the FB group, we could have yet another (The Georges of Wedding Singer pledged enough to but one ticket block).

It is important we get some more money soon enough to make The Fantasticks deposit in early August, rather than waiting for ATTWN door receipts to come in.


Anonymous said...

My mom donated last year and said she would agian this year as well so there is another one you can get in the near future.
-Spencer F.

Anonymous said...

We also have donations coming in from three retirement homes...Amount unknown, but it is definitely happening! :D