02 July 2011

"Compleat Wrks" Audition Info!

Here is the information for those of you interested in auditioning for The Compleat Wrks of Wllm Shkspr (abridged)...
You need to have two short monologues prepared:
  • One 30 second to 1 minute comedic monologue
  • One 30 second to 1 minute Shakespeare monologue
Here's a clue to do well in this show... Don't stand and recite. Get into it! Also be prepared to act with a person next to you to act as a "partner". Castmates in this show are constantly playing off one another.

This show's rehearsals will be running about the same time as The Fantasticks and will be performing about a month after it shows... (Just something to keep in mind. The show's actual dates will be December 2nd and January 26th... And we'll see if other opportunities pop up... ;)

One more thing... This show has a cast of 3 people... Considering the small size, I STRONGLY SUGGEST that you be enrolled in the Production and Rehearsal class... A lot would be able to get done and cut down immensely on rehearsal time after school hours... If all 3 are in the class, the whole show could probably get rehearsed just in those blocks... Which would be really nice for those that have jobs, other classes, or over achieve in silly things like sports or band!

Feel free to ask questions! The audition sheet will go up soon after school starts! Audition! Tell your friends! (I need more !!!!!!!!'s....) It's going to be a blast! Thank you :)

~ Kayla Jackson =)

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John said...

Kayla notes "other opportunities" - we will look to take this show to both middle schools and possibly even to dates at South or Central, as well as running one act or both at State...

our hope is for this cast to perform at least five times.