15 June 2011

Summer Events / Planning for Next Year

Thespian Officers: Please Group using Facebook and establish a Committee structure BEFORE the school year begins. I suggest a Publicity committee, an Inductions committee and a Student Led Productions committee, at the very least.

Officers: please use social networking to send traffic to this website and to generate interest in activities. Start buzzing "And Then There Were None" NOW, maybe once a week in a facebook wall post or a tweet

JOBS: I will be accepting 'letters of interest' for the jobs of Properties Manager, Wardrobe Manager, Electrics Manager, Carpentry Manager. Basic job descriptions are in the ByLaws post from last month. These four people will be expected to attend officer meetings.

Coordinate Bowmer Pass usage using Facebook or other social networking (simple SMS contact info for people without passes but interested in doing things would be a good place to start).
Start prepping for Regionals.
Get in touch with Bri Gowland about SUMMER PERFORMANCE TOUR
Wait, what?
Yeah.. talk to Bri. It involves scenes we already know and retirement homes.  That's all I'm saying :)

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