27 June 2011

Fundraising Update, End of June, 2011

Our Goal is $4000 in Ticket Sponsorships
Currently raised: $200
Two sponsorships from a current parent (one for And Then There Were None, one for Into the Woods)
Two sponsorships from an alumna parent (one for And Then There Were None, one for The Fantasticks)

76 of 80 possible sponsorships remain.

6 of 8 for And Then There Were None
8 of 8 for Death Trap
17 of 18 for The Fantasticks
12 of 12 for Taming of the Shrew
8 of 8 for Blithe Spirit
19 of 20 for Into the Woods
6 of 6 for You Have the Right to Remain Dead

Live & Laughing and The Compleat Wrks of Wllm Shkspr (abriged) will not be using the sponsorship model

21 June 2011

NEWS : Mid June edition

Calendar Info for Next year (also see left sidebar during the next week  for production date info!)

PLAY - And Then There Were None - 9/15&17/2011 in the Broud
AUDITIONS - The Fantasticks, Compleat Wrks (and Death Trap, if needed) - 9/19-21/2011 in the Choir & Band Rooms
PLAY - And Then There Were None - 9/22-24/2011 in the Broud
PERFORMANCE - Live & Laughing - 10/5/2011 in the Commons
PLAY - Death Trap - 11/2-5/2011 in the Broud
MUSICAL - The Fantasticks - 11/16-19/2011 on the Sjolund Stage
PERFORMANCE - Live & Laughing* 12/2/2011 in the Broud
AUDITION - Taming of the Shrew  - 12/14-16/2011 in the Band Room
AUDITION - Blithe Spirit - 1/9-11/2012 in the Broud
PERFORMANCE - Winter Arts Festival (Regionals Pieces) - 1/18/2012 throughout FA
PERFORMANCE - Live & Laughing* 1/26/2012 in the Commons
CONFERENCE - Regional Acting Competition - 2/4/2012 in Salem (McNary or McKay HS, still TBD)
PLAY - Taming of the Shrew - 2/23-25/2012 in the Sjolund Auditorium
AUDITION - Into the Woods - 3/5-7/2012 in the Sjolund Auditorium
PERFORMANCE - Live & Laughing* - 3/9/2012 in the Commons
PLAY - Blithe Spirit - 3/15-17/2012 in the Broud
AUDITION - You Have the Right to Remain Dead - 3/22-23/21012 in the Broud
CONFERENCE - State One-Act Marathon - 4/13-14/2012 in Portland (site TBD)
MUSICAL - Into the Woods - 5/3-5/2012 in the Sjolund Auditorium
PLAY - You Have the Right to Remain Dead - 5/17-19/2012 in the Broud
PERFORMANCE - Live & Laughing - 5/23/2012 in the Commons
PERFORMANCE - Short Scenes - 6/2&5/2012 in the Broud
INDUCTIONS - Awards Night - 6/7/2012 in the Commons

*two of these three dates will feature "The Compleat Wrks of Wllm Shkspr (abridged)"
PERFORMANCE = free, donation encouraged
PLAY = $8 adults, $5 students and senior citizens
MUSICAL = $10 adults, $5 students and senior citizens
CONFERENCE = Not Open to the Public. May have some costs tied to student participation.

Some events may offer discounts to tickets purchased in advance for groups.
Some events may offer discounted matinees.
For both offers, keep an eye for announcements on this site or on Black Tornado Theater facebook group...

If you wish to donate to help underwrite a production, defray costs of students taking part in conference events, or sponsor complimentary ticket blocks for elementary or middle school students, you may contact John Doty via email (top of page) or click through the Donations link (top right of page).

15 June 2011

Summer Events / Planning for Next Year

Thespian Officers: Please Group using Facebook and establish a Committee structure BEFORE the school year begins. I suggest a Publicity committee, an Inductions committee and a Student Led Productions committee, at the very least.

Officers: please use social networking to send traffic to this website and to generate interest in activities. Start buzzing "And Then There Were None" NOW, maybe once a week in a facebook wall post or a tweet

JOBS: I will be accepting 'letters of interest' for the jobs of Properties Manager, Wardrobe Manager, Electrics Manager, Carpentry Manager. Basic job descriptions are in the ByLaws post from last month. These four people will be expected to attend officer meetings.

Coordinate Bowmer Pass usage using Facebook or other social networking (simple SMS contact info for people without passes but interested in doing things would be a good place to start).
Start prepping for Regionals.
Get in touch with Bri Gowland about SUMMER PERFORMANCE TOUR
Wait, what?
Yeah.. talk to Bri. It involves scenes we already know and retirement homes.  That's all I'm saying :)

06 June 2011