19 May 2011

Winding Down the Season - be sure to help!

The seasons is coming to an end. We need to make sure we are putting the theater to bed in a functional way.

Be sure to make yourself available as the year winds down, assisting on end of the year events and helping with organzing and storing our gear!

TODAY - Sweet Speeches (Sjolund) - Need Light/Sound - Simple
TOMORROW - Glee (Little Theater) - Light/Sound (Bellamy), maybe an Usher or two
MON 5/23 - Band Concert (Sjolund) - Light/Sound/Ushers
TUE 5/24 - Torch Honor Inductions (Sjolund) Light/Sound
WED 5/25 - Live & Laughing (Little Theater) - check with Kaychel about needs
FRI 5/27 - Ballet in Bloom (Sjolund) - Light/Sound/Stage Crew/Ushers
THU 6/2 - Orchestra Concert (Sjolund) - Light/Sound/Ushers
SAT 6/4 - Shorts Scenes A (Little Theater) - Light/Sound/Ushers
MON 6/6 - Shorts B Dress (Little Theater) - Light/Sound
TUE 6/7 - Shorts Scenes B (Little Theater) - Light/Sound/Ushers
WED 6/8 - Pirates of Pennzance (OSF)
THU 6/9 - Awards Night! (Commons)


The "Chel" half said...

Thank you for calling us Kaychel. XD

The Kay half said...

Indeed XD

John said...

Sorry, Rayla