17 May 2011

Troupe Officers, 2011/12

Elections/Appointments are coming soon. The basic job descriptions can be found at the ITS site, but this post adds my expectations going forward for officers in Troupe 358. All members of the troupe as well as inductees are eligble to vote and all members and inductees who will be students at North for the 2011/12 term may stand for election. In addition to the elected officers, there are at least two additionals jobs that will be appointed and must be filled: Wardrobe and Properties. They are described below.

  • All officers are expected to be taking a class in the program. Advanced, Stagecraft, Production/Rehearsal, or Academic Tutor in an Intro section. If you cannot fit a theater class into your schedule, please don't seek office.
  • All officers need to maintain weekly updates on social media(facebook, twitter, etc...) keeping program visible and information current.
  • Two officers needs to be available for the Leadership Summit in early Sept (will conflict with Summer Workshop - possible workaround with Understudies)
  • President & Secretary will have posting access to the Black Tornado Theater site and should use it as needed.
  • Vice President oversees inductions and thus needs to coordinate (with clerk) which invitees actually accept and keep the induction paperwork up to date prior to the mid May filing deadline.
  • Secretary will need to maintain community chalkboard entries for events at KTVL, KDRV, KOBI, JPR and the Tempo with an awareness of deadlines for publication relative to show dates.
  • Treasurer must track receipts for participants at State and Regionals and follow-up on those who are defering payment.
  • Historian must facilitate photo call for each production, save posted initial cast lists, a program and poster from each and maintain public displays in the FA building.
  • Clerk must keep points records up to date and be prepared to give invitations within one week of the closing date of each production.
The Wardrobe and Properties jobs are inventory maintenance and enhancement jobs and will coordinate with the each production to make certain the items used by a given show make it back, or if something is damaged or lost, that won't come as a surprise later. Both of these jobs will require some regular record keeping and regular access to the spaces... I suggest enrollment in Stagecraft or Production/Rehearsal. Both can have an assistant. Both can be filled by someone who is also an elected officer.

As our weapons inventory grows, the properties clerk will have a specific armory assistant who will need to be approved by the admin & campus MPD officer.

There will likely also be people assigned specifically to keep an eye on the building materials space and lighting materials and inventory. They will work closely with the adult staff who are tasked with these areas.

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