17 May 2011

Troupe Constitution & ByLaws

Betcha Didn't Know We Had These... But we do. And they used to be up where you could see them, but the move to blogspot broke the link and then the hosing of the old nmdrama file system made it tougher still to track them down. SO. I am posting the text here and will link this post to a perma-link on the right sidebar. In reading them, you might notice we've not been following them well. Whee.

The version being uploaded will always be the most current version. In this case, it is includes a proposed amendment to the non-elected staff of Black Tornado Theater.  After the Jump :)
Constitution of Thespian Troupe #358, revised 12 April 2006

Article I – Name and Purpose
Section 1. This Organization shall be called Troupe #358 of the International Thespian Society (ITS), a branch of the Educational Theater Association (ETA).
Section 2. The purpose of this troupe shall be the advancement of standards of excellence in theater, providing specific encouragement and opportunity for students to improve mastery of the theater arts.
Section 3. The organization forbids secrecy; membership is given as recognition for meritorious work in the theater arts.
Article II – Membership
Section 1. All nominees for active membership shall be regularly enrolled students of North Medford High School.
Section 2. All members must have:
a. participated in at least two full-length plays
b. have earned a minimum of ten points from two categories, as specified in the Official High School Thespian Points System published by ITS
c. be enrolled in grades 9-12
Section 3. Final Authority concerning membership requirements shall be vested in the Troupe Director.
Section 4. Honorary Membership may be granted to adults for extraordinary and worthy assistance in the promotion of the theater in the school and community.
Article III – Officers & Staff
Section 1. North Medford High School Troupe #358 shall elect officers once a year in the final full month of the school term at a regular business meeting.
Section 2. Qualifications for holding office are as follows
a. Active program participant for at least one school year
b. Enrolled in grades 9, 10, or 11
c. Current troupe member or invited for induction for year of office term
Section 3. The officers, staff and duties of Troupe #358 shall be:
a. President – presides at all meetings, appoints all standing and special committees, and directs troupe activities.
b. Vice President – presides in the absence of the President and is responsible for induction of new members.
c. Secretary –keeps records of meetings and of troupe correspondence.
d. Clerk – keeps records of all points earned: plays, production dates, casts, crews, and work accomplished as part of the official points system
e. Historian – maintains records of the troupe and recovers as much information as possible from previous years, maintaining the Wall of Shows and photo collages of each production.
f. Treasurer – tracks monies related to Thespian activities and productions.
g. Unelected Staff (proposed amendment, May 2012)
i. Stage manager – not an elected officer, but appointed by the director to serve during the current production.
ii. Wardrobe manager – not an elected officer, keeps track of inventories related to costumes
iii. Properties manager – not an elected officer, keeps track of inventories related to props and weapons
iv. Electrics manager – not an elected officer, keeps track of inventories related to lighting and sound
v. Carpentry manager – not an elected officer, keeps track of inventories related to building materials and hardware.
Section 4. Beyond the student officers, the Troupe Director shall oversee all troupe activities and shall be the final authority in selection of new members and be the guide and inspiration of the group.
Section 5. Collectively, the student officers, Troupe Director, and such honorary member appointed by the Troupe Director shall compose an Executive Committee for the troupe.
Article IV – Meetings & Attendance
Section 1. Meetings shall be held once a month, usually after school hours
Section 2. Special Meetings may be called by any officer, the Troupe Director, or a quorum.
Section 3. A quorum shall be fifty percent of the active membership plus one and shall include two officers
Section 4. Attendance and suspension of active membership:
a. Any member absent for four meetings during the school year, four rehearsals during a current production, or who does not participate in the current production at a level that would earn at least one point may (unless they have a valid excuse presented to the Troupe Director) be dropped from active membership.
b. Any member who causes deliberate dissension, or disrupts the workings of any production or business meeting shall be dropped from active membership with a vote of 2/3 of the membership with the consent of the Troupe Director.
c. Any member requesting re-admittance following suspension must have the consent of the Troupe Director and 2/3 of the membership.
Article V – Dues
Section 1. There shall be no dues except as provided by the ITS Board of Trustees, unless determined by a 2/3 vote of the membership at the yearly election meeting.
Article VI – Adoption and Amendments
Section 1. Alterations to this Constitution, either by amendment or be re-adoption following comprehensive revision, shall require the approval of 2/3 of the membership.

By-Laws of Thespian Troupe #358, revised 12 April 2006

Section 1 – Attendance
a. Tardiness to meetings or rehearsals on three occasions may be considered as equal to one absence as specified in VI.4. Communication concerning scheduled late arrivals is a different and acceptable matter.
b. Regular meetings will be conducted monthly
c. Excuses for tardiness and absence may be submitted to Secretary, Troupe Director, or production Stage Manager on or before the occurrence, or to the Troupe Director after.
d. Attendance will be considered in the Point Award system.
e. Absences do not accumulate into subsequent school years.
Section 2 – Inductions
a. Inductions shall be held twice a year, in early December (informal) and in late May (formal)
b. Time and place, as well as form shall be determined by the Troupe Director
c. The Vice President will be responsible for the training of the speakers at the ceremony and for scheduling and rehearsing said speakers as needed, as well as making arrangements for the preparation of the stage and needed set and props.
Section 3 – Troupe Activities
a. Faculty and students interested in theater, as well as honorary members and alumni, are welcome at meetings.
b. At least one meeting shall be an open invitation to all students for the purpose of playing theater games and improvisation.
c. The troupe shall sponsor at least one “Good Neighbor” program per year for the purpose of establishing good relationships with nearby dramatic groups.
d. The troupe shall cooperate with all other departments and clubs in the school, helping them with programs in anyway it can.
Section 4 – Point Award System
a. The Troupe Director will determine the exact number of points to be awarded in all theatrical and non-theatrical participation
b. Points shall be awarded as suggested by the ITS Official Point System publication.
Section 5 – Elections
a. Officer elections shall be held at the May business meeting for the coming fall term.
b. Nominations are made by committee with additional nominations permitted from the floor.
c. Selection of officers is by majority vote
d. Voting will be conducted by secret ballot
e. Three members, including one officer, may request in writing to the Troupe Director, a recall election of any or all elected officers. Upon receipt of such a request, a meeting must be scheduled within five school days and 2/3 of the membership must vote to authorize a recall election. Once a vacancy is created, follow 5.b to nominate replacement officers.
Section 6 – Installations
a. Officers shall be installed concurrently with the end of the year Inductions in late may
Section 7 – Class Representatives
a. Each class shall have a representative selected during the first meeting of the year (with freshmen represented by appointment of the Troupe Director following the December inductions)
b. The representatives duties will be to distribute newsletters, new information, serve on committees and aid any officer or Troupe Director as needed.
Section 8 – Conflict Resolution
a. In the event issues/conflicts arise between a Thespian and a Troupe Director that cannot be solved through communication between the two parties, the issue should be resolved by the school activities director and administration as provided for in school policy.

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