19 May 2011

Thespian Election Results

50 Votes were cast in the election.3 Alumni voted. 2 Honorary members voted. 16 voters are new inductees. 13 voters are graduating. 18 voters were non-graduating Thespians. 2 of the inductees are also graduating, thus why this adds to 52.

There were undervotes in most races (meaning the total votes tallied is LESS THAN 50)

On the Amendment, 23 'yes' votes were received and 17 voters did not vote on the question. This is 100% of voters voting, though short of the 33 for 2/3 of votes cast...The Amendment will be adopted as no votes were cast in opposition. The ambiguity of 2/3 of 'votes cast' or of 'voters voting' is enough for me :), barring objection.

Here are the officer results:
Secretary: Halé Gervais with 38 of 48 votes cast
Clerk: Daved Yun with 45 of 48 votes cast
Historian: Rachel Warren with 38 of 48 votes cast
Treasurer: Jordan Freed with 46 of 49 votes cast
Vice President: Kendra Straub with 19 of 50 votes cast
President: Bri Gowland with 18 of 50 votes cast

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