02 May 2011

Student Led Productions 2011/12

We had several excellent applications for space in the upcoming season and as a result, we are pleased to announce that MORE than two productions have been accepted at this point in the process.

In addition to the planned Deparment season (And Then There Were None (September in the "Broud"), The Fantasticks (November in the Sjolund), Into the Woods (May in the Sjolund)), we hope to fit two additional shows to the "Broud", one in the Sjolund, and one in the Commons.
Two applications came in on time and met all of the basic requirements and qualifications. These two will be produced in the time slots reserved for student productions:
  • Daved Yun's proposal of Taming of the Shrew (William Shakespeare) is slated for the Sjolund in mid February
  • Rachel Warren & Kayla Jackson's proposal of Blithe Spirit (Noël Coward) is slated for the "Broud" in mid March
Two additional applications were promising, but were missing one required element each, so have been given tentative access to space:
  • Chris Boutin's proposal of Deathtrap (Ira Levin) is slated for the "Broud" using either the And Then There Were None or the Blithe Spirit set, simply re-dressed (only Senior project proposed... missed application deadline by 4 days)
  • Cassie Seaney & Brandon Bellamy's production of You Have the Right to Remain Dead (Pat Cook) would make use of the Commons (best application received, but applicants didn't meet the experience requirements)
Date consideration for the second pair is still up in the air. The two options are very close to Halloween and just after Spring break. Either slot would work for either show.

Rounding out the season performances will be four weekends/evenings of the "Live &Laughing" series in either the Broud or Commons, as schedules permit. The L&L production team is considering replacing one student-written material / Improv night with two performances of The Compleat Wrks of Wllm Shkspr (Abridged)

All four shows must now submit their scripts to Ms. Lane for text approval. All four production teams must be enrolled into Production and Rehearsal, either during its scheduled slot or as an independent study.

More soon!

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