24 May 2011

Pirates of Penzance at OSF [UPDATED 06.01]

[UPDATE 06.01] All updates and info are now ONLY on the call board. This is a reference for posterity. PAYMENT is killing me. People HAVE to get their receipts in and *TA DA* many didn't. So... at this point, there are FOUR people who were on the 'you have a seat if you get your money in on time' who now DON'T because they didn't get their money in on time.

We have tickets for JUN 8 at 8:30pm.The show will run past 11pm.You may need to get your own transportation to Ashland though some coordination/carpool amongst us possible.
The tickets were awarded by Lottery with the following parameters:
  • All students with a full year theater grade of 70% or higher - name into the hat
  • All students with a full year theater grade of 90% or higher - name in a second time
  • All Thespians (and invitees) who earned a single point during this year - name in the hat
  • All Thespians who earned more than 10 points - name in a second time
  • All Honor (or higher) Thespians - name in the hat, yet again...
Some students were in a single time, the MOST a name was in the hat was 6 (Cassie Seaney with 90%+ in two different full year classes, plus 10+ point Thespian invitee...)

The List is posted in the Little Theater Lobby and you MUST initial your acceptance by TUESDAY, May 24 or you will be scratched and replaced by an alternate.  You must PAY the office $15 for your ticket and deliver the receipt ($) to Mr Doty (or make arrangements (A)) by THURSDAY, May 26 or you may be scratched and replaced by an alternate. As of noon Friday, with the payment deadline past, the remaining seats will go to those who pay first...including earlier scratches and previously undrawn persons of interest.

UPDATED to Reflect TUESDAY SCRATCHES (opt out or no initials accepting), Payment Received/Arranged, and additional alternates.
in order drawn:
Sydnie Gilinsky
Tyler Grahame $
Carsen Hendrix
James Lancaster
Lauren Heroux A
Emily Spires
Gunner Fraley $
Rebekah Durham
Jeremiah Slavit $
Aryssa Montaño A
Daved Yun A
Kilee Rheinsburg $
Marissa Gann A
Brandon Bellamy $
Spencer Funk $
Brianna Gowland A
Jared Gutridge
Jessica Donahue $
Joshua Fischer
Anna Weathers $
Kyle Shirey
Angelique Blue
Kyle Bird
Cassie Seaney $
Jordan Freed $
Sam Dauphin $
Sandra Schaefer A
Justin Lucier
Madeline Hammond $
Rachel Sinner A
Jessica Dwyer
Rebecca Hutchinson
Emma McEvoy Worthington
Samantha Bressler
Shelby Collinsworth
The alternates, in order
Zach Ward A
Amanda Stewart
Branden Todd
Sarah McGrew
Ricky Cervantes $
Kayla Jackson $
Lewis Severson
Blake Muir
Dillon Kline
Rachel Warren A
Kelsey Garrett A
Vijay Johnson-Tanco $
Halé Gervais $
Karla Nuñez A

Additional Alternates  are now being accepted 1st pay, 1st seated... if you are on the currently accepted list, comment or text me to remain 'on the list'  AT LEAST THREE of  THESE PEOPLE  ARE NOT GOING NOW, as the deadlines have passed and the 1st pay, 1st seated list is growing below

Bri Owens $ 1st Pay, 1st Seat
Nick Goyette $ 1st Pay, 1st Seat
Megan Hyland $ 1st Pay, 1st Seat

Adults Currently 'On The List'
John Doty orig Chaperone
Steve Kessler orig Chaperone
Diana Garrett, Hon 358, paid
Kayla Garrett, Alum 358, paid
Ashlee Klemp, Alum 358, paid
Jenny Heroux 1st Pay, 1st Seat

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