15 May 2011

Fundraiser/Advertising Adventure!

So I got a fundraiser approved to close the year! It's very simple but effective... which is good, because we need money. It is simply going door-to-door through a neighborhood or two with a partner asking for spare change. It sounds lame, but the cheerleaders made thousands of dollars doing it once!

In addition to asking for spare change, there will be little cards availible that are a preview of next year's season! Yay! Advertising! Give one to every household that dares open the door for you. There will be an informational meeting soon and the date will be announced by the end of tomorrow.
Click on the title above to go to the Facebook event page!

Questions??? Contact me at school, comment on this, Facebook me... Do what you need to do. :)
Thank you!
- Kayla Jackson :)
details after the jump!
To be involved:
- Find a partner to walk with (always go with a buddy stuff... :P)
- Get a responsible adult volunteer to follow you and your buddy in a car. This ensures the school that we don't steal the money...
- Show up at the informational meeting once the date is announced.
- Come to the Little Theater after school on Friday, May 27th to get materials and any last minute information.
- After materials are passed out, go out the the neighborhoods assigned to you on Saturday and/or Sunday. The longer you're out, the better!

There will be further discussion, about dealing with money afterwards, at the meeting. Whether we can just turn in change, or have to exchange it at a bank for bills, turn the money into the activities office on Monday morning (May 30th.)

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Kayla said...

The meeting will be Friday at lunch in the little theater. :)