24 May 2011

Pirates of Penzance at OSF [UPDATED 06.01]

[UPDATE 06.01] All updates and info are now ONLY on the call board. This is a reference for posterity. PAYMENT is killing me. People HAVE to get their receipts in and *TA DA* many didn't. So... at this point, there are FOUR people who were on the 'you have a seat if you get your money in on time' who now DON'T because they didn't get their money in on time.

20 May 2011

Blithe Spirit at PHS

Saturday Night, 7:30 curtain... meet at the Rose Street Theater at 7:00pm

Thespian Cards = comp admission

19 May 2011

Thespian Election Results

50 Votes were cast in the election.3 Alumni voted. 2 Honorary members voted. 16 voters are new inductees. 13 voters are graduating. 18 voters were non-graduating Thespians. 2 of the inductees are also graduating, thus why this adds to 52.

There were undervotes in most races (meaning the total votes tallied is LESS THAN 50)

On the Amendment, 23 'yes' votes were received and 17 voters did not vote on the question. This is 100% of voters voting, though short of the 33 for 2/3 of votes cast...The Amendment will be adopted as no votes were cast in opposition. The ambiguity of 2/3 of 'votes cast' or of 'voters voting' is enough for me :), barring objection.

Here are the officer results:

Winding Down the Season - be sure to help!

The seasons is coming to an end. We need to make sure we are putting the theater to bed in a functional way.

Be sure to make yourself available as the year winds down, assisting on end of the year events and helping with organzing and storing our gear!

TODAY - Sweet Speeches (Sjolund) - Need Light/Sound - Simple
TOMORROW - Glee (Little Theater) - Light/Sound (Bellamy), maybe an Usher or two
MON 5/23 - Band Concert (Sjolund) - Light/Sound/Ushers
TUE 5/24 - Torch Honor Inductions (Sjolund) Light/Sound
WED 5/25 - Live & Laughing (Little Theater) - check with Kaychel about needs
FRI 5/27 - Ballet in Bloom (Sjolund) - Light/Sound/Stage Crew/Ushers
THU 6/2 - Orchestra Concert (Sjolund) - Light/Sound/Ushers
SAT 6/4 - Shorts Scenes A (Little Theater) - Light/Sound/Ushers
MON 6/6 - Shorts B Dress (Little Theater) - Light/Sound
TUE 6/7 - Shorts Scenes B (Little Theater) - Light/Sound/Ushers
WED 6/8 - Pirates of Pennzance (OSF)
THU 6/9 - Awards Night! (Commons)

17 May 2011

Troupe Officers, 2011/12

Elections/Appointments are coming soon. The basic job descriptions can be found at the ITS site, but this post adds my expectations going forward for officers in Troupe 358. All members of the troupe as well as inductees are eligble to vote and all members and inductees who will be students at North for the 2011/12 term may stand for election. In addition to the elected officers, there are at least two additionals jobs that will be appointed and must be filled: Wardrobe and Properties. They are described below.

Troupe Constitution & ByLaws

Betcha Didn't Know We Had These... But we do. And they used to be up where you could see them, but the move to blogspot broke the link and then the hosing of the old nmdrama file system made it tougher still to track them down. SO. I am posting the text here and will link this post to a perma-link on the right sidebar. In reading them, you might notice we've not been following them well. Whee.

The version being uploaded will always be the most current version. In this case, it is includes a proposed amendment to the non-elected staff of Black Tornado Theater.  After the Jump :)

15 May 2011

Fundraiser/Advertising Adventure!

So I got a fundraiser approved to close the year! It's very simple but effective... which is good, because we need money. It is simply going door-to-door through a neighborhood or two with a partner asking for spare change. It sounds lame, but the cheerleaders made thousands of dollars doing it once!

In addition to asking for spare change, there will be little cards availible that are a preview of next year's season! Yay! Advertising! Give one to every household that dares open the door for you. There will be an informational meeting soon and the date will be announced by the end of tomorrow.
Click on the title above to go to the Facebook event page!

Questions??? Contact me at school, comment on this, Facebook me... Do what you need to do. :)
Thank you!
- Kayla Jackson :)
details after the jump!

13 May 2011

Bowmer Passes are here

And I've handed all of them out!  Now I still need a LETTER from Daved and Carsen...

Romeo & Juliet at SMHS

Tomorrow there is a matinee performance of R&J at SMHS. We (cast of our R&J) will head there at 12:30pm and enter as a group around 12:45. Curtain is at 1pm. Their advertised admission cost is $4. Be prepared to pay that, as I am not sure on their comp policy!  Thanks!

11 May 2011

Romeo & Juliet Schedule [UPDATED WEEKLY]

Note the STRIKE call on a Sunday. Come when you can. Choir Concert the following week needs an empty stage.

10 May 2011

AUDITIONS - And Then There Were None

Sign-up sheets are up in the LT Lobby.

What to prepare: 1 1/2 to 2 minutes of monologue suited to the show (a who-dunnit murder/suspense show set in the 1930s)

In addition to your memorized piece, you may be asked to cold read from the actual script with up to two additional actors

02 May 2011

Student Led Productions 2011/12

We had several excellent applications for space in the upcoming season and as a result, we are pleased to announce that MORE than two productions have been accepted at this point in the process.

In addition to the planned Deparment season (And Then There Were None (September in the "Broud"), The Fantasticks (November in the Sjolund), Into the Woods (May in the Sjolund)), we hope to fit two additional shows to the "Broud", one in the Sjolund, and one in the Commons.