16 April 2011

Student Produced Shows

Three applications were submitted for student-directed shows. All are very promising. Before I finalize decisions (slated to happen by May 1), I want to explore with Ms. Lane and the Arts Dept about availability of other spaces and the possibility of producing all three proposals.

Oddly, NONE of them were submitted by current juniors, so for the first time since the re-opening of 'The Broud' in the spring of 2006, there will not be a Senior Project play in the Black Tornado Theater season.

Currently up for consideration:
  • Brandon Bellamy & Cassie Seaney proposed "You Have the Right to Remain Dead"
  • Daved Yun proposed "Taming of the Shrew"
  • Rachel Warren & Kayla Jackson proposed "Blithe Spirit"
The selected works will add to a department produced season that includes "And Then There Were None", "The Fantasticks", and "Into the Woods" as well as Short Scenes and Live & Laughing.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great season, lots of mystery, suspense and fun. I really hope Ms. Lane approves all the shows becuase they all sound like great oppertunities. Best of luck to Rachel, Kayla, Daved, Bellamy and Cassie (we have yet to meet)
-Spencer Funk (sparky)

Kayla said...

Ooh! Doty, if they all work out we could maybe try the thing you talked to me about yesterday!! =D!! I see something new hopefully starting next year... :)