19 April 2011

More Cuts - R&J (watch this for updates, as well) [UPDATED]

This is in addition to cuts posted late last week and those made at the beginning... As of 4.19.11
CUT Act I.i (p3) Benvolio - "He swung..." thru "...him in scorn"
CUT Act I.i (p3) Benvolio - "That westward rooteth from the city's side" AND "Towards him I made..." thru to "...fled from me"
ADD Act I.ii (p5) at Enter ROMEO & BENVOLIO add MERCUTIO
CUT Act I.ii (p6) from Benvolio "For what, I pray thee" thru Romeo "...and tormented and --"
CHANGE Act I.ii (p6) Benvolio "Tut, you saw her fair..." to Mercutio. For Benvolio/Mercutios uses of "I" after servant exit, use "we".

CUT Act III.i (p24) Mercutio, "thou has quarrelled..." thru "...shoes with old riband?"

CUT Act IV.iii (p39) Juliet - "I'll call them back..." thru "...she do here?"
CUT Act IV.iii (p39) Juliet - "Where bloody Tybalt..." thru "...not be distraught"
CUT Act IV.iii (p39) Juliet - "O, look!..." thru "...Tybalt, stay!"
[UPDATE - 4/21]
CUT Act V.iii (p46) Laurence - "Alack, Alack..." thru "...place of peace?"
CUT Act V.iii (p47) Laurence - "I hear some noise..." thru "..and unnatural sleep"
CUT Act V.iii (p47) Laurence - "And Paris, too." thru "..of holy nuns"

ADDITIONAL CHANGES to ACT V.iii - I recommend you get NEW PAGES from me for this scene!!

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