06 April 2011

Auditions / Interviews for Advanced Theater 2011/2012

If you are interested in taking part in the ADVANCED THEATER (Perf Arts 381) class in the Fall of 2011, you must take part in an audition/interview during the week of April 18.

Two items are required for ALL interested participants:
  • A performance of two contrasting monologues with a total performance time of at least 2 and not exceeding 3 minutes
  • Annotated copies of the script for both audition pieces, showing analysis of the text with an aim towards performance
Additionally, a third submission must be prepared from the following list of choices:
  • A musical theater audition piece incorporating singing and movement (accompanied by recording, karaoke track, or live) – Max length 3 minutes
  • A solo mime performance accompanied by music – Max length 3 minutes
  • A duo performance with a 2nd applicant of any of the above – Max length 4 minutes
  • A portfolio of design for lights, costume or set, w/ script annotated in support of design
  • Staging directions for a scene, with floor plan and movement notes
  • Original construction (w/ notes, prelim sketches, and proto-types) of a costume or prop
Submitted materials will be scored using Oregon Thespian Competition guidelines. Quality is the consideration, not merely ‘doing.’

WAIVERS of AUDITION / Permission of Instructor

Students who meet the following guidelines may have the audition process waived at the discretion of the instructor:
  • Previous completion of two theater classes w/GPA of 3.5 (one A, one B) or better
  • Significant body of performance work in North or other Theaters (submit resumé)
  • Significant body of production work in North or other Theaters (submit resumé)
Waivers must be requested by April 6. Recipients will be informed on or before April 12, allowing sufficient time to prepare. Waiver requests will be accepted via email.

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