24 April 2011

Attention R&J Techies!

Just a remider that all techies for R&J need to be at every reheasal starting tomorrow. Thanks!
-Kayla :)

19 April 2011

More Cuts - R&J (watch this for updates, as well) [UPDATED]

This is in addition to cuts posted late last week and those made at the beginning... As of 4.19.11
CUT Act I.i (p3) Benvolio - "He swung..." thru "...him in scorn"
CUT Act I.i (p3) Benvolio - "That westward rooteth from the city's side" AND "Towards him I made..." thru to "...fled from me"
ADD Act I.ii (p5) at Enter ROMEO & BENVOLIO add MERCUTIO
CUT Act I.ii (p6) from Benvolio "For what, I pray thee" thru Romeo "...and tormented and --"
CHANGE Act I.ii (p6) Benvolio "Tut, you saw her fair..." to Mercutio. For Benvolio/Mercutios uses of "I" after servant exit, use "we".

CUT Act III.i (p24) Mercutio, "thou has quarrelled..." thru "...shoes with old riband?"

CUT Act IV.iii (p39) Juliet - "I'll call them back..." thru "...she do here?"
CUT Act IV.iii (p39) Juliet - "Where bloody Tybalt..." thru "...not be distraught"
CUT Act IV.iii (p39) Juliet - "O, look!..." thru "...Tybalt, stay!"
[UPDATE - 4/21]
CUT Act V.iii (p46) Laurence - "Alack, Alack..." thru "...place of peace?"
CUT Act V.iii (p47) Laurence - "I hear some noise..." thru "..and unnatural sleep"
CUT Act V.iii (p47) Laurence - "And Paris, too." thru "..of holy nuns"

ADDITIONAL CHANGES to ACT V.iii - I recommend you get NEW PAGES from me for this scene!!

Awards Night // Inductions

The end of the year gets very dense, with awards and graduation plans, etc... We had to do some contortions to find a date that would work...

We've snagged Jun 9 for our Induction and Awards event. Add in our trip to Pirates of Pennzance (Jun 8) and the second night of Short Scenes (rehearse Jun 6, perform Jun 7) and this becomes a very busy week for Black Tornado Theater!

Other dates to note - Officer Nominations Are May 17, voting May 19; Award voting will b May 31...

18 April 2011

Bill's Birthday

In honor of the Bard’s 437th birthday, the NMHS library is offering a slice of cake to anyone who recites 20 lines from a Shakespeare play or a complete sonnet FROM MEMORY.  This will be at lunch in the library on Monday, April 25th

16 April 2011

Student Produced Shows

Three applications were submitted for student-directed shows. All are very promising. Before I finalize decisions (slated to happen by May 1), I want to explore with Ms. Lane and the Arts Dept about availability of other spaces and the possibility of producing all three proposals.

Oddly, NONE of them were submitted by current juniors, so for the first time since the re-opening of 'The Broud' in the spring of 2006, there will not be a Senior Project play in the Black Tornado Theater season.

Currently up for consideration:
  • Brandon Bellamy & Cassie Seaney proposed "You Have the Right to Remain Dead"
  • Daved Yun proposed "Taming of the Shrew"
  • Rachel Warren & Kayla Jackson proposed "Blithe Spirit"
The selected works will add to a department produced season that includes "And Then There Were None", "The Fantasticks", and "Into the Woods" as well as Short Scenes and Live & Laughing.

EPHS One Acts today @ 6!!

Plz try to go support them!

We also should be looking at getting to their Bye Bye Birdy, per the trio who went with us to Bowmer.

15 April 2011

Bowmer Address Info

it's hiding in the comments here and will vanish after the letters are due...

Have Thank You letters written and to me by TUESDAY am!!

14 April 2011

R&J Cuts - ACT II - Spread the word

Some Lines have Died - Spread the Word - this is in addition to earlier cuts.
CUT Act II Prologue
CUT Act II.i (p13) Mercutio - "Cry but 'Ay me!'..." thru to "...loved the beggar-maid!"
CUT Act II.i (p13) Mercutio - "Now will he sit..." thru to "...a poperin pear!"
CUT Act II.iii (p16-17) Laurencia - "The grey-eyed morn..." thru to "...precious-juiced flowers."
CUT Act II.iii (p17) Laurencia - "Many for many..." thru to "...yet all different."
ALTER Act II.iii (p17) Laurencia & Romeo from "Then plainly know..." thru to "...in my ancient ears" - See me for specifics
CUT Act II.iii (p17) Laurencia from "Lo, here..." thru to "...all for Rosaline"
CUT Act II.iv (p19) Romeo, Mercutio & Benvolio from "Here's a goodly..." thru to "...and a smock"
CUT Act II.iv (p20) Romeo from "but young Romeo..." thru to "...of a worse."
CUT Act II.iv (p20) Mercutio from "An old hare..." thru to "...it be spent"
CUT Act II.iv (p21) Nurse & Romeo from "Doth not rosemary..." thru to "...good to hear it."
CUT Act II.iv (p22) Nurse "Now comes..." thru to "...at any news" plus "a bird's nest soon"

06 April 2011

Auditions / Interviews for Advanced Theater 2011/2012

If you are interested in taking part in the ADVANCED THEATER (Perf Arts 381) class in the Fall of 2011, you must take part in an audition/interview during the week of April 18.

Two items are required for ALL interested participants:
  • A performance of two contrasting monologues with a total performance time of at least 2 and not exceeding 3 minutes
  • Annotated copies of the script for both audition pieces, showing analysis of the text with an aim towards performance
Additionally, a third submission must be prepared from the following list of choices:
  • A musical theater audition piece incorporating singing and movement (accompanied by recording, karaoke track, or live) – Max length 3 minutes
  • A solo mime performance accompanied by music – Max length 3 minutes
  • A duo performance with a 2nd applicant of any of the above – Max length 4 minutes
  • A portfolio of design for lights, costume or set, w/ script annotated in support of design
  • Staging directions for a scene, with floor plan and movement notes
  • Original construction (w/ notes, prelim sketches, and proto-types) of a costume or prop
Submitted materials will be scored using Oregon Thespian Competition guidelines. Quality is the consideration, not merely ‘doing.’

WAIVERS of AUDITION / Permission of Instructor

Students who meet the following guidelines may have the audition process waived at the discretion of the instructor:
  • Previous completion of two theater classes w/GPA of 3.5 (one A, one B) or better
  • Significant body of performance work in North or other Theaters (submit resumé)
  • Significant body of production work in North or other Theaters (submit resumé)
Waivers must be requested by April 6. Recipients will be informed on or before April 12, allowing sufficient time to prepare. Waiver requests will be accepted via email.

05 April 2011


Those interested in being part of the R&J Crew, please come to rehearsal on TUESDAY, APRIL 12 at 4pm and be part of an organizational meeting. There is more interest than there are jobs, so we need to get a sense of how many of you there are. Those NOT at this meeting, will not be in the mix for stage or tech jobs. Only house staff jobs will be available after this gathering.