25 March 2011

Tragedy strikes again

this time much closer to home - two of Eagle Point's Troupe were in an accident this week and one lost his life. The other is in ICU. More details will be forthcoming later today. They are not only a neighbor, but a direct lineage exists (their Director is a 358 alum). Keep them in your thoughts and we will see if there is something more that we can do.

Go to the EPHS Facebook page and leave condolences there. The kids are also asking people to wear black and neon on Monday.

from Kayla in comments, service info...

[Update]  (taken from email from Troupe 4474 Director Julia Cuppy)
On Wednesday, March 23, two of our troupe members were on a camping trip with friends. They went to go get firewood, jumped into the bed of a truck, hit some loose gravel and rolled twice. One student was carried to Rogue Valley Medical Center and is currently in ICU. His name is Nick. The other student was killed instantly. His name was Andrew Roberts. Andrew lived the Thespian motto better than any other student I have ever had. He was selfless, loving, talented and always so inspired by the Theatre process. He was an active member of the troupe and one of our leading actors. He was an eagle scout and about to graduate. His senior project was to be his directed one act that we have been working on for weeks.

When we return to school on Monday, we will be needing all of your thoughts and prayers. It will be very difficult for our students to start realizing the impact of this loss. It is times like these that there no answers or words to say. The only thing that we have is being there for each other. I know that our students, especially Andrew, always appreciated attending the Thespian events throughout the year because it reminded them that they were not alone.  
This year attending state will mean even more for us...

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