01 March 2011

Casting: Romeo & Juliet

It's a day late posting here, though it's been up in the lobby since yesterday, lunchtime...
[UPDATE] - Casting shifts based on role acceptance...
RomeoZach Ward
Lady Montague / US Laurence Jorden Smith
Benvolio / US RomeoDaved Yun
JulietKilee Rheinsburg
Shelby Collinsworth
Capulet / Ensemble /US BenvolioJeremiah Slavit
Lady Capulet / US PrinceTaylor Hewlett
Tybalt / US ParisSpencer Funk
Juliet’s NurseShelby Collinsworth
Kilee Rheinsburg
Escalus, the PrinceKendra Straub
MercutioSandra Schaefer
ParisBranden Todd
Friar LaurenceEmma Elizabeth McEvoy Worthington
US Tybalt/Mercutio/CapuletJames Lancaster
(includes supporters and servants of the Capulet & Montague households (thumb-biters), the Apothacary, Friar John, maskers, guests, and others)
Vijay Johnson-Tanco
Halé Gervais
Shyonna Leach
Scott Fernandez
Brandon Bellamy
Emily Spires
Bri Owens
Other US assignments and Specific Ensemble roles will post throughout the week.

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Anonymous said...

Hey its me kendra straub: i wont be able to make it to the read through today after school i am really sick and i have to go see a doctor.
sorry again kendra