31 March 2011

OSF 2012 Season, following us once again... :)

Tempest, Dream, Much Ado - my first three seasons, our Shakespeare production was ...um, echoed is the wrong word... um... well, OSF did it the following season. We got a brief respite with Lear (though the quote in Equivocation kept the connection afloat), then 12th Night was the SAME season. So now we are doing R&J... Read this to see how our track record holds up. :)

29 March 2011

R&J during Band.Choir.Orch tours...

The music tours will present some challenges in the coming week... tentetively, we are looking at focusing ONSTAGE on each Act in turn, but will will be working with whomever we actually have and we will be working on ALL parts of the text in the supplementary spaces, but the specified text on the main stage. Safe bet is if you are in town, you should be here.

State Travel - Meeting and Paperwork

If you are going to state, come to Little Theater for Lunch TODAY to get the forms and such that you will need for our little excursion.  Departure group will assemble 9am on Thursday in the North lot.

2011 Conference Program

25 March 2011

Today on facebook...

Oregon Shakespeare Festival
Catch actor K.T. Vogt (Toinette in "The Imaginary Invalid") at a FREE Noon talk tomorrow (Saturday) at Noon in Carpenter Hall. No tickets required. If anyone can chase the clouds and rain away and bring the sunshine, it is K.T.!
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Tragedy strikes again

this time much closer to home - two of Eagle Point's Troupe were in an accident this week and one lost his life. The other is in ICU. More details will be forthcoming later today. They are not only a neighbor, but a direct lineage exists (their Director is a 358 alum). Keep them in your thoughts and we will see if there is something more that we can do.

Go to the EPHS Facebook page and leave condolences there. The kids are also asking people to wear black and neon on Monday.

from Kayla in comments, service info...

[Update]  (taken from email from Troupe 4474 Director Julia Cuppy)
On Wednesday, March 23, two of our troupe members were on a camping trip with friends. They went to go get firewood, jumped into the bed of a truck, hit some loose gravel and rolled twice. One student was carried to Rogue Valley Medical Center and is currently in ICU. His name is Nick. The other student was killed instantly. His name was Andrew Roberts. Andrew lived the Thespian motto better than any other student I have ever had. He was selfless, loving, talented and always so inspired by the Theatre process. He was an active member of the troupe and one of our leading actors. He was an eagle scout and about to graduate. His senior project was to be his directed one act that we have been working on for weeks.

When we return to school on Monday, we will be needing all of your thoughts and prayers. It will be very difficult for our students to start realizing the impact of this loss. It is times like these that there no answers or words to say. The only thing that we have is being there for each other. I know that our students, especially Andrew, always appreciated attending the Thespian events throughout the year because it reminded them that they were not alone.  
This year attending state will mean even more for us...

24 March 2011

Romeo & Juliet after Spring Break

Mon, 4pm Everyone. R&J with me on stage, everyone else, line work in alternate space
Tue, 4pm Just Romeo, Juliet, Lawrence, Nurse
Wed, 4pm Everyone, Brawl, Party, End
Thu, OFF (many of us are at State) - SUGGEST Kilee and Zach run lines for an hour
Fri, OFF, same suggestion as Thursday
Sat, OFF for actors...there will be an all day build led by Mr Warren starting approx 10am

21 March 2011

Fight Practice #2

Friday, 10am to Noon:30


Sweats, sensible shoes...  Most all of you missed on that on Day #1

18 March 2011

Expectations Over the Break

  • Romeo & Juliet: read in toto, prepare character listing (all characters, speaking or not, described in the text as appearing on stage), annotate script for prose and verse sections
  • Short Scenes prep - have an idea of what you are going to do and who you are going to do it with. Short Scenes material must either be written originally for the stage OR adapted from TV/Film that predates 1970. All Intro Students MUST participate in one Short Scene performance.
  • Measure for Measure: read in toto, prepare character listing (all characters, speaking or not, described in the text as appearing on stage), annotate script for prose and verse sections, be ready with specific examples of the Justice/Mercy or Vice/Virtue balance in the story.
  • Short Scenes prep - have an idea of what you are going to do and who you are going to do it with. Short Scenes material must either be written originally for the stage OR adapted from TV/Film that predates 1970. All Advanced Students MUST participate in one Short Scene performance and handle directorial or design duties on a second.
  • Be at at least one work day during the break (Mon 2pm general work/concert set up, Tue 2pm concert set up, Wed 11am concert crew, Thu 9am Pear Blossom prep)
  • Read Romeo & Juliet with an eye towards building and effects needs
Romeo & Juliet Cast
  • Fight Choreo - Act I scene i brawl on MON 3/21, 1pm Main Stage
  • Fight Choreo - Tybalt/Mercutio, Romeo/Tybalt, Romeo/Paris on FRI 3/25 10am Band Room

Short Scenes / Pirates

The Performance Dates for Short Scenes are finalized.
  • Saturday, June 2 (rehearsal run 11am, dinner break 4pm, show 7pm)
  • Tuesday, June 7 (rehearsal run MONDAY 4pm, show Tuesday 7pm)

Also that week: Pirates of Pennzance on Weds, June 8 at OSF, tickets $15. FIRST DIBS to Advanced Class, then lottery to Bowmer Participants (including wait list).


16 March 2011

Live & Laughing Fundraiser THURSDAY!!

Come and Bring your friends. Push to Social Media. Pack the House!

15 March 2011

Online Ticket Sales launch today for Romeo + Juliet

The clickable link next to the R&J on the right hand side now includes a live date on the event calender.

09 March 2011

Bowmer Project

Date #1 is TODAY. Bus loads just after noon. Meet in the Little Theater.  Permission slips required!
Date #2 is April 15. Bus loads at 8:45am. Meet in the Little Theater (Friday, A-Day)!

People who attend today are first preference for April 15.

Use this as a discussion space for your reaction to the first play, The Imaginary Invalid.

07 March 2011

Romeo & Juliet Schedule

Sun 03/13 - OFF
Mon 03/14 - Act I&II, 4pm to 6ish LT
Tue 03/15 - Act II&III, 4pm to 6ish LT
Wed 03/16 - Act III&IV, 4pm to 6ish LT
Thu 03/17 - Act VI&V, 4pm to 6ish LT
Fri 03/18 - Act V&I, 4pm to 6ish LT

01 March 2011

Student Led Productions

Interested in Directing a Show for 2011/2012? Information on proposals for Student-Led productions will be available on March 4th and is DUE April 15th.

These are usually Senior Projects, but they don't HAVE to be.

Projects are selected based on script-suitability, artistic merit, and quality/thoroughness of proposal.

Casting: Romeo & Juliet

It's a day late posting here, though it's been up in the lobby since yesterday, lunchtime...
[UPDATE] - Casting shifts based on role acceptance...
RomeoZach Ward
Lady Montague / US Laurence Jorden Smith
Benvolio / US RomeoDaved Yun
JulietKilee Rheinsburg
Shelby Collinsworth
Capulet / Ensemble /US BenvolioJeremiah Slavit
Lady Capulet / US PrinceTaylor Hewlett
Tybalt / US ParisSpencer Funk
Juliet’s NurseShelby Collinsworth
Kilee Rheinsburg
Escalus, the PrinceKendra Straub
MercutioSandra Schaefer
ParisBranden Todd
Friar LaurenceEmma Elizabeth McEvoy Worthington
US Tybalt/Mercutio/CapuletJames Lancaster
(includes supporters and servants of the Capulet & Montague households (thumb-biters), the Apothacary, Friar John, maskers, guests, and others)
Vijay Johnson-Tanco
Halé Gervais
Shyonna Leach
Scott Fernandez
Brandon Bellamy
Emily Spires
Bri Owens
Other US assignments and Specific Ensemble roles will post throughout the week.