04 February 2011

Regionals Info

OK... Here is the Round and Room Info for our groups. For each Entry, I have listed their first name(s), letter code, then rooms ordered by round. For music entries, I have included actual scheduled time. For the A Events, Round 1 is 10am, Round 2 is 12n, and Round 3 is 3pm. For the B Events, Round 1 is 11am, Round 2 is 2pm and Round 3 is 4pm.

VJ (L1) HC8 TA1 S3
Daved (L2) TA1 TA3 TA1
Wit (L25) H36 H36 HC3
Boutin, et al (L26) H36 HC3 H21/22
Carsen/Shelby (L43) TA3 TA1 HC8
Bri/Spencer (L44) TA3 HC8 HC5
Brandon/Sydnie (L49) H27 H25 H6
Leslie/Michael (L50) H24 H25 H27
Ariel/Daved (L55) H35 H36 H29
Rachel (L61)10a FA5, 2p FA1/2
Kilee (L62)10:40 FA5, 2:40 FA3
James/Shelby (L69)10a Aud, 2:30 Band
Jared/Kayla (L70)10a Band, 2p Aud
Seussical (L75) 11a Band, 3p Band

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Daved said...

Oop. Welp, Looks Like I'll Be Refreshing Some King Lear For Awhile.