21 February 2011

Into the Woods at South Eugene

The plan, as of now, is to car pool up... We are asking that 18 seats be held for us on Saturday, Feb 26, 7:30pm. We'd be leaving earlier enough to have a nice relaxed dinner at the Glenwood, and then going to the show. (2:30ish?). Driving home immediately after the show would have us returing to Medford approx 2am.

Mr. Warren & I are driving, 6 students with him, 4 with me. If an additional students are interested, a 3rd driver will be needed and a MAX of 15 students will be able to be accommodated.

You would need money for food, but not for the tickets (specifics on the ticket situation will be discussed once we know the participants).


Anonymous said...

so how do you decide who gets to go? or is it first come first serve?

Anonymous said...

I am planning on going.
a) are there any seats available
b) if not my dad may be able to drive 4 students

-Spencer F.