21 February 2011

Into the Woods at South Eugene

The plan, as of now, is to car pool up... We are asking that 18 seats be held for us on Saturday, Feb 26, 7:30pm. We'd be leaving earlier enough to have a nice relaxed dinner at the Glenwood, and then going to the show. (2:30ish?). Driving home immediately after the show would have us returing to Medford approx 2am.

Mr. Warren & I are driving, 6 students with him, 4 with me. If an additional students are interested, a 3rd driver will be needed and a MAX of 15 students will be able to be accommodated.

You would need money for food, but not for the tickets (specifics on the ticket situation will be discussed once we know the participants).

19 February 2011

Wedding Singer Strike and Scripts

SUNDAY: 1pm to 4pm - ALL PERSONAL PROPS AND SET DRESSING MUST GO before this day is over! Little Theater Must be made ready for W;t build! Commons cleared from RVYC event!

MONDAY: 1pm to 4pm - Load out of rented Light gear and begin to clear Wedding Singer form MAIN STAGE.

Remaining Strike to take place during Stagecraft throughout out Week!


Romeo + Juliet

Auditions Tues, Weds, and Thur

Info on call board and in announcements!

14 February 2011

Performance notes - Monday's _Wedding Singer_

For most of you who needed some individual notes, I sent them as messages on FaceBook... very few were given that weren't tech.

ONLY general note I have is about ensemble vocal power at the end of Not That Kind of Thing. We kinda fell off the planet there.

10 February 2011

Online Ticket Sales - test drive LIVE

Black Tornado Theater is test driving online ticket sales beginning TODAY for all performances of Wedding Singer and W;t

There is a $.50 per ticket service charge, but the convenience may outweigh that by a lot!

I think it will allow for online DONATIONS, too... (hint hint)

Please give it a try and if you like it, post it to your social media wall or email a link to your friends!

04 February 2011

Regionals Info

OK... Here is the Round and Room Info for our groups. For each Entry, I have listed their first name(s), letter code, then rooms ordered by round. For music entries, I have included actual scheduled time. For the A Events, Round 1 is 10am, Round 2 is 12n, and Round 3 is 3pm. For the B Events, Round 1 is 11am, Round 2 is 2pm and Round 3 is 4pm.

VJ (L1) HC8 TA1 S3
Daved (L2) TA1 TA3 TA1
Wit (L25) H36 H36 HC3
Boutin, et al (L26) H36 HC3 H21/22
Carsen/Shelby (L43) TA3 TA1 HC8
Bri/Spencer (L44) TA3 HC8 HC5
Brandon/Sydnie (L49) H27 H25 H6
Leslie/Michael (L50) H24 H25 H27
Ariel/Daved (L55) H35 H36 H29
Rachel (L61)10a FA5, 2p FA1/2
Kilee (L62)10:40 FA5, 2:40 FA3
James/Shelby (L69)10a Aud, 2:30 Band
Jared/Kayla (L70)10a Band, 2p Aud
Seussical (L75) 11a Band, 3p Band