16 December 2011

Congratulations to the casts of Taming of the Shrew and Blithe Spirit!

The Taming of the Shrew
Feb 23-25, Auditorium

Brianna Gowland

Hannah Whitney

Spencer Funk

Todd Trembley

Celia Johnson

Lewis Severson

Gunner Fraley

Zach Ward

Gerardo Rodriguez

Carsen Hendrix

Griffin Allensis

Vijay Johnson-Tanco

Ariel Statchwick

Blithe Spirit
March 15-17, Little Theater

Liza Rogers

Jordan Freed

Emma Bloomquist

Bri Owens
Gospodin Arcati

Nat Dalbec
Dr. Bradman

Ricardo Cervantes, Jr
Mrs. Bradman

Shyonna Leach

08 December 2011

Donors Choose MATCHING CODE!!

All Donations to Donors Choose between now and Dec 12 that include the code SPARK will be matched, doubling the value of the donation!

Just FYI

[UPDATE] Big Thanks to Jon L (and his wife Darlene) and Thea T, both Wesleyan University classmates of mine who chipped in during the match promotion and cut our need by aprroximately 1/3!

03 December 2011

OSF News

Grammy Nomination: Hamlet

Rocking Reviews for Equivocation in Washington, DC here and here

01 December 2011


Audition sign up sheets are posted in the LT lobby for Taming of the Shrew and Blithe Spirit. Auditions will take place on Weds the 14th and Thurs the 15th. Blithe in the Little Theater and Shrew in the Band Room.

Shrew audition requires a 2-5 minute Shakespearean monologue with movement, and an annotated copy of the monologue script to give the director.

Spirit audition requires a 1-2 minute monologue with movement from material similar to the play. Be ready to perform in a style or manner other than originally prepared.

24 November 2011

Cmplt Wrks Opening Week Sched.

Showtime is almost here! BE PREPARED! And be excited! :D
Depending on how long the punchlist, times may be slightly tweaked.

~ Monday the 28th~
2:45 - 3:15 --> Any fight choreo + scenes with fast, specific blocking (ei. comedies/speed thru of Hamlet.)

3:30 until finished --> All of Act II (all costumes + props excluding neutral costumes)
Extra time? --> re-run Hamlet speed-thru

~Tuesday the 29th~
2:45 - 3:15 --> Punchlist + fight choreo + scenes with fast, specific blocking.
3:30 until finished --> All of Act I (all costumes + props excluding neutral costumes)

~Wednesday the 30th~
3:00 --> Punchlist.
3:30 - until finished --> Dress rehearsal; whole show (All costumes + all props)

~Thursday the 1st~
2:45 - 3:20ish --> Punchlist + fight choreo
3:45 - until finished --> FINAL DRESS REHEARSAL

~Friday the 2nd~ !!!!!SHOWDAY!!!!!
2:45 --> Punchlist + Possible line thru (depending on how the week goes.)
5:00 --> Calltime + dinner (by whom TBA)


  • BE OFFBOOK. Lacking in this area will result in a compromise of future performances...

  • Have your converse shoes by Wednesday the 30th at the latest (Jordan = red, Sam = Purple, Zach = Blue, and Sydnie (although you don't need them yet) = green.)

  • Be prepared food-wise. Pack snacks, or run out very quickly and eat BEFORE REHEARSAL. Only water while we rehearse.

  • Don't be late! We're gonna use every second we can get for this.

22 November 2011

COMPLETE WORKS! (of some dude named Shakespeare)

Friday Night is the first of a scheduled THREE (and still possibly more) performances of The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged) slated for this season at NMHS. Opening in the Little Theater at 7pm, with a suggested donation of $5 (but more is graciously accepted!). You know you wanna see it!  Also, tell your friends!

01 November 2011

Box Office Updates

Online Ticket Sales now active for Fantasticks and Compleat Wrks... Death Trap still available, as well!

13 October 2011

Troupe Committees

Visit the Troupe #358 facebook page for updates on the committee structure established at yesterday's meeting!

03 October 2011


Plan on a Parent Meeting in Mid-October - we'd announce in class and at Live & Laughing. Date is FIRM: Oct 18 at 6pm in FA8.

Casting - The Fantasticks

Congratulations to the Cast of The Fantasticks, going up on the Sjolund Stage November 16-19, with 7pm shows each evening and a 1pm matinee on Saturday.

The Narrator - Spencer Funk
The Girl - Rachel Warren
The Boy - Ricardo Cervantes, Jr
The Girl's Mother - Tyler Grahame
The Boy's Mother - Shyonna Leach
The Old Performer - Madeline Schmidt
The Man Who Dies - Lewis Severson
The Mute - Sadie Handloser

29 September 2011

L&L! Cast

By request, here is the cast list for the "Live and Laughing!" cast for the October 5th show...

Zach "Goose" Ward
Daved Yun
Jake Parker
Sam "Tabs" Dauphin
Gunner Fraley
Spencer Funk
Jowie Man
Zach Graves
Connor Wahl
Bri Owens
Jordan Freed

Be sure to show up tomorrow Friday, September 30th in FA-8 for a meeting/rehearsal. Also be sure to keep Tuesday, October 4th open after school to reahearse and do a run through and the show is October 5th. Congrats everyone! :D

26 September 2011

Rehearsals and Other Fun

DeathTrap and Fantasticks start rehearsals TODAY - check the "Call Board" tab above... Also, concert season is looming. Tech opportunities emerge...

18 September 2011

Call Board updated, plus a meeting?

The call board is updated with 2nd week of ATTWN, Open House, and Auditions all on the docket.

I'd also like to pull the Troupe Officers and Dept Mgrs together during Block 7 next week for a meeting

25 August 2011

Fantasticks Audition Info

Greetings all!  Fantasticks will audition Sep 19-21 in the late afternoon/early evening in one of the two music classroom spaces. Persons interested in auditioning for Fantasticks MUST ALSO be willing to be considered for either Death Trap or Compleat Wrks - all three will be evaluating at the same time. Sign-up sheets will post in the LT lobby on THURSDAY, Sep 8. 

The same two monologues prepared for Compleat Works are ideal for this show, as well. Additionally, each person will need to learn two songs: a gender specific solo and a duet. We also ask that you demonstrate either pantomime skills or ball room dance skills. Specific audition music will be available on the first day of school in the LT and in Mr Warren's room.

Death Trap Audition Info

This is the placeholder post for the details of the Death Trap auditions. it will be linked to from the Call Board and will be fleshed out before the end of the week.

12 August 2011

as slippery as smooth grapes,
words exploding in the light
like dormant seeds waiting
in the vaults of vocabulary,
alive again, and giving life:
once again the heart distills them.
- Pablo Neruda

hit tip to OSF actor Rafael Untalan, who posted this as his facebook status this AM

09 August 2011

Fundraising Update - Early August

Ticket Sponsorships - Join This Group!!!
Jennifer Dater - And Then There Were None (x2)
Diana Garrett - And Then There Were None, The Fantasticks
Lori Johnson - And Then There Were None, Into the Woods
Judith Anderson - And Then There Were None
Veranda Park Retirement Living - And Then There Were None
Julia Cuppy - Production TBD
Miroslav Bobek - Production TBD
Carol Doty - The Fantasticks (x2),  Into the Woods (x2)
The Wedding Singer 'Georges' - Taming of the Shrew
Total Ticket Sponsorships: $800 committed
Additional Donations: $15

29 July 2011

Fundraising, End of July update

Still only 4 sponsorships in hand, but when I return to campus on Monday, we might find Sheila Johnson has envelopes full of money :)  We actually DO have verbal commitments from two donors: one a repeat from last year, one a new donor. Taken also with the pledged monies from the FB group, we could have yet another (The Georges of Wedding Singer pledged enough to but one ticket block).

It is important we get some more money soon enough to make The Fantasticks deposit in early August, rather than waiting for ATTWN door receipts to come in.

11 July 2011

Fundraising, Mid July Update

Anemic... nothing new to report. A total of 4 ticket sponsorships from 2 donors is all we have... only *cough* 78 to go! We do have a verbal commitment for a repeat donor from last year.

If you know people, get them involved!! If you know a donor from last year, ask them to renew their contribution!

I will be out of town from this Friday thru until the 27th. I will still have online access, so if you have fundraising questions or news, comment here or at FB

03 July 2011

Our Social Media Presence

We are alive and well at http://www.facebook.com/BlackTornadoTheater

That page will include posts about each production and fundraising efforts will echo there as well as here. It has a shorter version of our 2011/12 season info up and links to our ticketing site, as well as back to here. Target : get everyone who sees a show in 2011/12 to 'like' the page and take at least a semi-active role in the continuing success of the program as we go forward (from audience member or word of mouth advertiser, to donor of some stripe).

We also have a group over there that is intended for troupe members and is a little more 'inside baseball', though it is visible to all.

02 July 2011

"Compleat Wrks" Audition Info!

Here is the information for those of you interested in auditioning for The Compleat Wrks of Wllm Shkspr (abridged)...
You need to have two short monologues prepared:
  • One 30 second to 1 minute comedic monologue
  • One 30 second to 1 minute Shakespeare monologue
Here's a clue to do well in this show... Don't stand and recite. Get into it! Also be prepared to act with a person next to you to act as a "partner". Castmates in this show are constantly playing off one another.

This show's rehearsals will be running about the same time as The Fantasticks and will be performing about a month after it shows... (Just something to keep in mind. The show's actual dates will be December 2nd and January 26th... And we'll see if other opportunities pop up... ;)

One more thing... This show has a cast of 3 people... Considering the small size, I STRONGLY SUGGEST that you be enrolled in the Production and Rehearsal class... A lot would be able to get done and cut down immensely on rehearsal time after school hours... If all 3 are in the class, the whole show could probably get rehearsed just in those blocks... Which would be really nice for those that have jobs, other classes, or over achieve in silly things like sports or band!

Feel free to ask questions! The audition sheet will go up soon after school starts! Audition! Tell your friends! (I need more !!!!!!!!'s....) It's going to be a blast! Thank you :)

~ Kayla Jackson =)

Support Theater in the Schools

whenever and however you can. Apparently McKay is next up on the possible chopping block... my understanding is Canby is already cut. Keep an eye on groups thoughout the state bye using facebook and whatever friendships you've cultivated. If anything is looming, we need to step up however we can to support... visibility, message, whatever. Keeping a program alive may be difficult, but it is easier than resurrecting one!

27 June 2011

Fundraising Update, End of June, 2011

Our Goal is $4000 in Ticket Sponsorships
Currently raised: $200
Two sponsorships from a current parent (one for And Then There Were None, one for Into the Woods)
Two sponsorships from an alumna parent (one for And Then There Were None, one for The Fantasticks)

76 of 80 possible sponsorships remain.

6 of 8 for And Then There Were None
8 of 8 for Death Trap
17 of 18 for The Fantasticks
12 of 12 for Taming of the Shrew
8 of 8 for Blithe Spirit
19 of 20 for Into the Woods
6 of 6 for You Have the Right to Remain Dead

Live & Laughing and The Compleat Wrks of Wllm Shkspr (abriged) will not be using the sponsorship model

21 June 2011

NEWS : Mid June edition

Calendar Info for Next year (also see left sidebar during the next week  for production date info!)

PLAY - And Then There Were None - 9/15&17/2011 in the Broud
AUDITIONS - The Fantasticks, Compleat Wrks (and Death Trap, if needed) - 9/19-21/2011 in the Choir & Band Rooms
PLAY - And Then There Were None - 9/22-24/2011 in the Broud
PERFORMANCE - Live & Laughing - 10/5/2011 in the Commons
PLAY - Death Trap - 11/2-5/2011 in the Broud
MUSICAL - The Fantasticks - 11/16-19/2011 on the Sjolund Stage
PERFORMANCE - Live & Laughing* 12/2/2011 in the Broud
AUDITION - Taming of the Shrew  - 12/14-16/2011 in the Band Room
AUDITION - Blithe Spirit - 1/9-11/2012 in the Broud
PERFORMANCE - Winter Arts Festival (Regionals Pieces) - 1/18/2012 throughout FA
PERFORMANCE - Live & Laughing* 1/26/2012 in the Commons
CONFERENCE - Regional Acting Competition - 2/4/2012 in Salem (McNary or McKay HS, still TBD)
PLAY - Taming of the Shrew - 2/23-25/2012 in the Sjolund Auditorium
AUDITION - Into the Woods - 3/5-7/2012 in the Sjolund Auditorium
PERFORMANCE - Live & Laughing* - 3/9/2012 in the Commons
PLAY - Blithe Spirit - 3/15-17/2012 in the Broud
AUDITION - You Have the Right to Remain Dead - 3/22-23/21012 in the Broud
CONFERENCE - State One-Act Marathon - 4/13-14/2012 in Portland (site TBD)
MUSICAL - Into the Woods - 5/3-5/2012 in the Sjolund Auditorium
PLAY - You Have the Right to Remain Dead - 5/17-19/2012 in the Broud
PERFORMANCE - Live & Laughing - 5/23/2012 in the Commons
PERFORMANCE - Short Scenes - 6/2&5/2012 in the Broud
INDUCTIONS - Awards Night - 6/7/2012 in the Commons

*two of these three dates will feature "The Compleat Wrks of Wllm Shkspr (abridged)"
PERFORMANCE = free, donation encouraged
PLAY = $8 adults, $5 students and senior citizens
MUSICAL = $10 adults, $5 students and senior citizens
CONFERENCE = Not Open to the Public. May have some costs tied to student participation.

Some events may offer discounts to tickets purchased in advance for groups.
Some events may offer discounted matinees.
For both offers, keep an eye for announcements on this site or on Black Tornado Theater facebook group...

If you wish to donate to help underwrite a production, defray costs of students taking part in conference events, or sponsor complimentary ticket blocks for elementary or middle school students, you may contact John Doty via email (top of page) or click through the Donations link (top right of page).

15 June 2011

Summer Events / Planning for Next Year

Thespian Officers: Please Group using Facebook and establish a Committee structure BEFORE the school year begins. I suggest a Publicity committee, an Inductions committee and a Student Led Productions committee, at the very least.

Officers: please use social networking to send traffic to this website and to generate interest in activities. Start buzzing "And Then There Were None" NOW, maybe once a week in a facebook wall post or a tweet

JOBS: I will be accepting 'letters of interest' for the jobs of Properties Manager, Wardrobe Manager, Electrics Manager, Carpentry Manager. Basic job descriptions are in the ByLaws post from last month. These four people will be expected to attend officer meetings.

Coordinate Bowmer Pass usage using Facebook or other social networking (simple SMS contact info for people without passes but interested in doing things would be a good place to start).
Start prepping for Regionals.
Get in touch with Bri Gowland about SUMMER PERFORMANCE TOUR
Wait, what?
Yeah.. talk to Bri. It involves scenes we already know and retirement homes.  That's all I'm saying :)

06 June 2011

24 May 2011

Pirates of Penzance at OSF [UPDATED 06.01]

[UPDATE 06.01] All updates and info are now ONLY on the call board. This is a reference for posterity. PAYMENT is killing me. People HAVE to get their receipts in and *TA DA* many didn't. So... at this point, there are FOUR people who were on the 'you have a seat if you get your money in on time' who now DON'T because they didn't get their money in on time.

20 May 2011

Blithe Spirit at PHS

Saturday Night, 7:30 curtain... meet at the Rose Street Theater at 7:00pm

Thespian Cards = comp admission

19 May 2011

Thespian Election Results

50 Votes were cast in the election.3 Alumni voted. 2 Honorary members voted. 16 voters are new inductees. 13 voters are graduating. 18 voters were non-graduating Thespians. 2 of the inductees are also graduating, thus why this adds to 52.

There were undervotes in most races (meaning the total votes tallied is LESS THAN 50)

On the Amendment, 23 'yes' votes were received and 17 voters did not vote on the question. This is 100% of voters voting, though short of the 33 for 2/3 of votes cast...The Amendment will be adopted as no votes were cast in opposition. The ambiguity of 2/3 of 'votes cast' or of 'voters voting' is enough for me :), barring objection.

Here are the officer results:

Winding Down the Season - be sure to help!

The seasons is coming to an end. We need to make sure we are putting the theater to bed in a functional way.

Be sure to make yourself available as the year winds down, assisting on end of the year events and helping with organzing and storing our gear!

TODAY - Sweet Speeches (Sjolund) - Need Light/Sound - Simple
TOMORROW - Glee (Little Theater) - Light/Sound (Bellamy), maybe an Usher or two
MON 5/23 - Band Concert (Sjolund) - Light/Sound/Ushers
TUE 5/24 - Torch Honor Inductions (Sjolund) Light/Sound
WED 5/25 - Live & Laughing (Little Theater) - check with Kaychel about needs
FRI 5/27 - Ballet in Bloom (Sjolund) - Light/Sound/Stage Crew/Ushers
THU 6/2 - Orchestra Concert (Sjolund) - Light/Sound/Ushers
SAT 6/4 - Shorts Scenes A (Little Theater) - Light/Sound/Ushers
MON 6/6 - Shorts B Dress (Little Theater) - Light/Sound
TUE 6/7 - Shorts Scenes B (Little Theater) - Light/Sound/Ushers
WED 6/8 - Pirates of Pennzance (OSF)
THU 6/9 - Awards Night! (Commons)

17 May 2011

Troupe Officers, 2011/12

Elections/Appointments are coming soon. The basic job descriptions can be found at the ITS site, but this post adds my expectations going forward for officers in Troupe 358. All members of the troupe as well as inductees are eligble to vote and all members and inductees who will be students at North for the 2011/12 term may stand for election. In addition to the elected officers, there are at least two additionals jobs that will be appointed and must be filled: Wardrobe and Properties. They are described below.

Troupe Constitution & ByLaws

Betcha Didn't Know We Had These... But we do. And they used to be up where you could see them, but the move to blogspot broke the link and then the hosing of the old nmdrama file system made it tougher still to track them down. SO. I am posting the text here and will link this post to a perma-link on the right sidebar. In reading them, you might notice we've not been following them well. Whee.

The version being uploaded will always be the most current version. In this case, it is includes a proposed amendment to the non-elected staff of Black Tornado Theater.  After the Jump :)

15 May 2011

Fundraiser/Advertising Adventure!

So I got a fundraiser approved to close the year! It's very simple but effective... which is good, because we need money. It is simply going door-to-door through a neighborhood or two with a partner asking for spare change. It sounds lame, but the cheerleaders made thousands of dollars doing it once!

In addition to asking for spare change, there will be little cards availible that are a preview of next year's season! Yay! Advertising! Give one to every household that dares open the door for you. There will be an informational meeting soon and the date will be announced by the end of tomorrow.
Click on the title above to go to the Facebook event page!

Questions??? Contact me at school, comment on this, Facebook me... Do what you need to do. :)
Thank you!
- Kayla Jackson :)
details after the jump!

13 May 2011

Bowmer Passes are here

And I've handed all of them out!  Now I still need a LETTER from Daved and Carsen...

Romeo & Juliet at SMHS

Tomorrow there is a matinee performance of R&J at SMHS. We (cast of our R&J) will head there at 12:30pm and enter as a group around 12:45. Curtain is at 1pm. Their advertised admission cost is $4. Be prepared to pay that, as I am not sure on their comp policy!  Thanks!

11 May 2011

Romeo & Juliet Schedule [UPDATED WEEKLY]

Note the STRIKE call on a Sunday. Come when you can. Choir Concert the following week needs an empty stage.

10 May 2011

AUDITIONS - And Then There Were None

Sign-up sheets are up in the LT Lobby.

What to prepare: 1 1/2 to 2 minutes of monologue suited to the show (a who-dunnit murder/suspense show set in the 1930s)

In addition to your memorized piece, you may be asked to cold read from the actual script with up to two additional actors

02 May 2011

Student Led Productions 2011/12

We had several excellent applications for space in the upcoming season and as a result, we are pleased to announce that MORE than two productions have been accepted at this point in the process.

In addition to the planned Deparment season (And Then There Were None (September in the "Broud"), The Fantasticks (November in the Sjolund), Into the Woods (May in the Sjolund)), we hope to fit two additional shows to the "Broud", one in the Sjolund, and one in the Commons.

24 April 2011

Attention R&J Techies!

Just a remider that all techies for R&J need to be at every reheasal starting tomorrow. Thanks!
-Kayla :)

19 April 2011

More Cuts - R&J (watch this for updates, as well) [UPDATED]

This is in addition to cuts posted late last week and those made at the beginning... As of 4.19.11
CUT Act I.i (p3) Benvolio - "He swung..." thru "...him in scorn"
CUT Act I.i (p3) Benvolio - "That westward rooteth from the city's side" AND "Towards him I made..." thru to "...fled from me"
ADD Act I.ii (p5) at Enter ROMEO & BENVOLIO add MERCUTIO
CUT Act I.ii (p6) from Benvolio "For what, I pray thee" thru Romeo "...and tormented and --"
CHANGE Act I.ii (p6) Benvolio "Tut, you saw her fair..." to Mercutio. For Benvolio/Mercutios uses of "I" after servant exit, use "we".

CUT Act III.i (p24) Mercutio, "thou has quarrelled..." thru "...shoes with old riband?"

CUT Act IV.iii (p39) Juliet - "I'll call them back..." thru "...she do here?"
CUT Act IV.iii (p39) Juliet - "Where bloody Tybalt..." thru "...not be distraught"
CUT Act IV.iii (p39) Juliet - "O, look!..." thru "...Tybalt, stay!"
[UPDATE - 4/21]
CUT Act V.iii (p46) Laurence - "Alack, Alack..." thru "...place of peace?"
CUT Act V.iii (p47) Laurence - "I hear some noise..." thru "..and unnatural sleep"
CUT Act V.iii (p47) Laurence - "And Paris, too." thru "..of holy nuns"

ADDITIONAL CHANGES to ACT V.iii - I recommend you get NEW PAGES from me for this scene!!

Awards Night // Inductions

The end of the year gets very dense, with awards and graduation plans, etc... We had to do some contortions to find a date that would work...

We've snagged Jun 9 for our Induction and Awards event. Add in our trip to Pirates of Pennzance (Jun 8) and the second night of Short Scenes (rehearse Jun 6, perform Jun 7) and this becomes a very busy week for Black Tornado Theater!

Other dates to note - Officer Nominations Are May 17, voting May 19; Award voting will b May 31...

18 April 2011

Bill's Birthday

In honor of the Bard’s 437th birthday, the NMHS library is offering a slice of cake to anyone who recites 20 lines from a Shakespeare play or a complete sonnet FROM MEMORY.  This will be at lunch in the library on Monday, April 25th

16 April 2011

Student Produced Shows

Three applications were submitted for student-directed shows. All are very promising. Before I finalize decisions (slated to happen by May 1), I want to explore with Ms. Lane and the Arts Dept about availability of other spaces and the possibility of producing all three proposals.

Oddly, NONE of them were submitted by current juniors, so for the first time since the re-opening of 'The Broud' in the spring of 2006, there will not be a Senior Project play in the Black Tornado Theater season.

Currently up for consideration:
  • Brandon Bellamy & Cassie Seaney proposed "You Have the Right to Remain Dead"
  • Daved Yun proposed "Taming of the Shrew"
  • Rachel Warren & Kayla Jackson proposed "Blithe Spirit"
The selected works will add to a department produced season that includes "And Then There Were None", "The Fantasticks", and "Into the Woods" as well as Short Scenes and Live & Laughing.

EPHS One Acts today @ 6!!

Plz try to go support them!

We also should be looking at getting to their Bye Bye Birdy, per the trio who went with us to Bowmer.

15 April 2011

Bowmer Address Info

it's hiding in the comments here and will vanish after the letters are due...

Have Thank You letters written and to me by TUESDAY am!!

14 April 2011

R&J Cuts - ACT II - Spread the word

Some Lines have Died - Spread the Word - this is in addition to earlier cuts.
CUT Act II Prologue
CUT Act II.i (p13) Mercutio - "Cry but 'Ay me!'..." thru to "...loved the beggar-maid!"
CUT Act II.i (p13) Mercutio - "Now will he sit..." thru to "...a poperin pear!"
CUT Act II.iii (p16-17) Laurencia - "The grey-eyed morn..." thru to "...precious-juiced flowers."
CUT Act II.iii (p17) Laurencia - "Many for many..." thru to "...yet all different."
ALTER Act II.iii (p17) Laurencia & Romeo from "Then plainly know..." thru to "...in my ancient ears" - See me for specifics
CUT Act II.iii (p17) Laurencia from "Lo, here..." thru to "...all for Rosaline"
CUT Act II.iv (p19) Romeo, Mercutio & Benvolio from "Here's a goodly..." thru to "...and a smock"
CUT Act II.iv (p20) Romeo from "but young Romeo..." thru to "...of a worse."
CUT Act II.iv (p20) Mercutio from "An old hare..." thru to "...it be spent"
CUT Act II.iv (p21) Nurse & Romeo from "Doth not rosemary..." thru to "...good to hear it."
CUT Act II.iv (p22) Nurse "Now comes..." thru to "...at any news" plus "a bird's nest soon"

06 April 2011

Auditions / Interviews for Advanced Theater 2011/2012

If you are interested in taking part in the ADVANCED THEATER (Perf Arts 381) class in the Fall of 2011, you must take part in an audition/interview during the week of April 18.

Two items are required for ALL interested participants:
  • A performance of two contrasting monologues with a total performance time of at least 2 and not exceeding 3 minutes
  • Annotated copies of the script for both audition pieces, showing analysis of the text with an aim towards performance
Additionally, a third submission must be prepared from the following list of choices:
  • A musical theater audition piece incorporating singing and movement (accompanied by recording, karaoke track, or live) – Max length 3 minutes
  • A solo mime performance accompanied by music – Max length 3 minutes
  • A duo performance with a 2nd applicant of any of the above – Max length 4 minutes
  • A portfolio of design for lights, costume or set, w/ script annotated in support of design
  • Staging directions for a scene, with floor plan and movement notes
  • Original construction (w/ notes, prelim sketches, and proto-types) of a costume or prop
Submitted materials will be scored using Oregon Thespian Competition guidelines. Quality is the consideration, not merely ‘doing.’

WAIVERS of AUDITION / Permission of Instructor

Students who meet the following guidelines may have the audition process waived at the discretion of the instructor:
  • Previous completion of two theater classes w/GPA of 3.5 (one A, one B) or better
  • Significant body of performance work in North or other Theaters (submit resumé)
  • Significant body of production work in North or other Theaters (submit resumé)
Waivers must be requested by April 6. Recipients will be informed on or before April 12, allowing sufficient time to prepare. Waiver requests will be accepted via email.

05 April 2011


Those interested in being part of the R&J Crew, please come to rehearsal on TUESDAY, APRIL 12 at 4pm and be part of an organizational meeting. There is more interest than there are jobs, so we need to get a sense of how many of you there are. Those NOT at this meeting, will not be in the mix for stage or tech jobs. Only house staff jobs will be available after this gathering.

31 March 2011

OSF 2012 Season, following us once again... :)

Tempest, Dream, Much Ado - my first three seasons, our Shakespeare production was ...um, echoed is the wrong word... um... well, OSF did it the following season. We got a brief respite with Lear (though the quote in Equivocation kept the connection afloat), then 12th Night was the SAME season. So now we are doing R&J... Read this to see how our track record holds up. :)

29 March 2011

R&J during Band.Choir.Orch tours...

The music tours will present some challenges in the coming week... tentetively, we are looking at focusing ONSTAGE on each Act in turn, but will will be working with whomever we actually have and we will be working on ALL parts of the text in the supplementary spaces, but the specified text on the main stage. Safe bet is if you are in town, you should be here.

State Travel - Meeting and Paperwork

If you are going to state, come to Little Theater for Lunch TODAY to get the forms and such that you will need for our little excursion.  Departure group will assemble 9am on Thursday in the North lot.

2011 Conference Program

25 March 2011

Today on facebook...

Oregon Shakespeare Festival
Catch actor K.T. Vogt (Toinette in "The Imaginary Invalid") at a FREE Noon talk tomorrow (Saturday) at Noon in Carpenter Hall. No tickets required. If anyone can chase the clouds and rain away and bring the sunshine, it is K.T.!
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Tragedy strikes again

this time much closer to home - two of Eagle Point's Troupe were in an accident this week and one lost his life. The other is in ICU. More details will be forthcoming later today. They are not only a neighbor, but a direct lineage exists (their Director is a 358 alum). Keep them in your thoughts and we will see if there is something more that we can do.

Go to the EPHS Facebook page and leave condolences there. The kids are also asking people to wear black and neon on Monday.

from Kayla in comments, service info...

[Update]  (taken from email from Troupe 4474 Director Julia Cuppy)
On Wednesday, March 23, two of our troupe members were on a camping trip with friends. They went to go get firewood, jumped into the bed of a truck, hit some loose gravel and rolled twice. One student was carried to Rogue Valley Medical Center and is currently in ICU. His name is Nick. The other student was killed instantly. His name was Andrew Roberts. Andrew lived the Thespian motto better than any other student I have ever had. He was selfless, loving, talented and always so inspired by the Theatre process. He was an active member of the troupe and one of our leading actors. He was an eagle scout and about to graduate. His senior project was to be his directed one act that we have been working on for weeks.

When we return to school on Monday, we will be needing all of your thoughts and prayers. It will be very difficult for our students to start realizing the impact of this loss. It is times like these that there no answers or words to say. The only thing that we have is being there for each other. I know that our students, especially Andrew, always appreciated attending the Thespian events throughout the year because it reminded them that they were not alone.  
This year attending state will mean even more for us...

24 March 2011

Romeo & Juliet after Spring Break

Mon, 4pm Everyone. R&J with me on stage, everyone else, line work in alternate space
Tue, 4pm Just Romeo, Juliet, Lawrence, Nurse
Wed, 4pm Everyone, Brawl, Party, End
Thu, OFF (many of us are at State) - SUGGEST Kilee and Zach run lines for an hour
Fri, OFF, same suggestion as Thursday
Sat, OFF for actors...there will be an all day build led by Mr Warren starting approx 10am

21 March 2011

Fight Practice #2

Friday, 10am to Noon:30


Sweats, sensible shoes...  Most all of you missed on that on Day #1

18 March 2011

Expectations Over the Break

  • Romeo & Juliet: read in toto, prepare character listing (all characters, speaking or not, described in the text as appearing on stage), annotate script for prose and verse sections
  • Short Scenes prep - have an idea of what you are going to do and who you are going to do it with. Short Scenes material must either be written originally for the stage OR adapted from TV/Film that predates 1970. All Intro Students MUST participate in one Short Scene performance.
  • Measure for Measure: read in toto, prepare character listing (all characters, speaking or not, described in the text as appearing on stage), annotate script for prose and verse sections, be ready with specific examples of the Justice/Mercy or Vice/Virtue balance in the story.
  • Short Scenes prep - have an idea of what you are going to do and who you are going to do it with. Short Scenes material must either be written originally for the stage OR adapted from TV/Film that predates 1970. All Advanced Students MUST participate in one Short Scene performance and handle directorial or design duties on a second.
  • Be at at least one work day during the break (Mon 2pm general work/concert set up, Tue 2pm concert set up, Wed 11am concert crew, Thu 9am Pear Blossom prep)
  • Read Romeo & Juliet with an eye towards building and effects needs
Romeo & Juliet Cast
  • Fight Choreo - Act I scene i brawl on MON 3/21, 1pm Main Stage
  • Fight Choreo - Tybalt/Mercutio, Romeo/Tybalt, Romeo/Paris on FRI 3/25 10am Band Room

Short Scenes / Pirates

The Performance Dates for Short Scenes are finalized.
  • Saturday, June 2 (rehearsal run 11am, dinner break 4pm, show 7pm)
  • Tuesday, June 7 (rehearsal run MONDAY 4pm, show Tuesday 7pm)

Also that week: Pirates of Pennzance on Weds, June 8 at OSF, tickets $15. FIRST DIBS to Advanced Class, then lottery to Bowmer Participants (including wait list).


16 March 2011

Live & Laughing Fundraiser THURSDAY!!

Come and Bring your friends. Push to Social Media. Pack the House!

15 March 2011

Online Ticket Sales launch today for Romeo + Juliet

The clickable link next to the R&J on the right hand side now includes a live date on the event calender.

09 March 2011

Bowmer Project

Date #1 is TODAY. Bus loads just after noon. Meet in the Little Theater.  Permission slips required!
Date #2 is April 15. Bus loads at 8:45am. Meet in the Little Theater (Friday, A-Day)!

People who attend today are first preference for April 15.

Use this as a discussion space for your reaction to the first play, The Imaginary Invalid.

07 March 2011

Romeo & Juliet Schedule

Sun 03/13 - OFF
Mon 03/14 - Act I&II, 4pm to 6ish LT
Tue 03/15 - Act II&III, 4pm to 6ish LT
Wed 03/16 - Act III&IV, 4pm to 6ish LT
Thu 03/17 - Act VI&V, 4pm to 6ish LT
Fri 03/18 - Act V&I, 4pm to 6ish LT

01 March 2011

Student Led Productions

Interested in Directing a Show for 2011/2012? Information on proposals for Student-Led productions will be available on March 4th and is DUE April 15th.

These are usually Senior Projects, but they don't HAVE to be.

Projects are selected based on script-suitability, artistic merit, and quality/thoroughness of proposal.

Casting: Romeo & Juliet

It's a day late posting here, though it's been up in the lobby since yesterday, lunchtime...
[UPDATE] - Casting shifts based on role acceptance...
RomeoZach Ward
Lady Montague / US Laurence Jorden Smith
Benvolio / US RomeoDaved Yun
JulietKilee Rheinsburg
Shelby Collinsworth
Capulet / Ensemble /US BenvolioJeremiah Slavit
Lady Capulet / US PrinceTaylor Hewlett
Tybalt / US ParisSpencer Funk
Juliet’s NurseShelby Collinsworth
Kilee Rheinsburg
Escalus, the PrinceKendra Straub
MercutioSandra Schaefer
ParisBranden Todd
Friar LaurenceEmma Elizabeth McEvoy Worthington
US Tybalt/Mercutio/CapuletJames Lancaster
(includes supporters and servants of the Capulet & Montague households (thumb-biters), the Apothacary, Friar John, maskers, guests, and others)
Vijay Johnson-Tanco
Halé Gervais
Shyonna Leach
Scott Fernandez
Brandon Bellamy
Emily Spires
Bri Owens
Other US assignments and Specific Ensemble roles will post throughout the week.

21 February 2011

Into the Woods at South Eugene

The plan, as of now, is to car pool up... We are asking that 18 seats be held for us on Saturday, Feb 26, 7:30pm. We'd be leaving earlier enough to have a nice relaxed dinner at the Glenwood, and then going to the show. (2:30ish?). Driving home immediately after the show would have us returing to Medford approx 2am.

Mr. Warren & I are driving, 6 students with him, 4 with me. If an additional students are interested, a 3rd driver will be needed and a MAX of 15 students will be able to be accommodated.

You would need money for food, but not for the tickets (specifics on the ticket situation will be discussed once we know the participants).

19 February 2011

Wedding Singer Strike and Scripts

SUNDAY: 1pm to 4pm - ALL PERSONAL PROPS AND SET DRESSING MUST GO before this day is over! Little Theater Must be made ready for W;t build! Commons cleared from RVYC event!

MONDAY: 1pm to 4pm - Load out of rented Light gear and begin to clear Wedding Singer form MAIN STAGE.

Remaining Strike to take place during Stagecraft throughout out Week!


Romeo + Juliet

Auditions Tues, Weds, and Thur

Info on call board and in announcements!

14 February 2011

Performance notes - Monday's _Wedding Singer_

For most of you who needed some individual notes, I sent them as messages on FaceBook... very few were given that weren't tech.

ONLY general note I have is about ensemble vocal power at the end of Not That Kind of Thing. We kinda fell off the planet there.

10 February 2011

Online Ticket Sales - test drive LIVE

Black Tornado Theater is test driving online ticket sales beginning TODAY for all performances of Wedding Singer and W;t

There is a $.50 per ticket service charge, but the convenience may outweigh that by a lot!

I think it will allow for online DONATIONS, too... (hint hint)

Please give it a try and if you like it, post it to your social media wall or email a link to your friends!

04 February 2011

Regionals Info

OK... Here is the Round and Room Info for our groups. For each Entry, I have listed their first name(s), letter code, then rooms ordered by round. For music entries, I have included actual scheduled time. For the A Events, Round 1 is 10am, Round 2 is 12n, and Round 3 is 3pm. For the B Events, Round 1 is 11am, Round 2 is 2pm and Round 3 is 4pm.

VJ (L1) HC8 TA1 S3
Daved (L2) TA1 TA3 TA1
Wit (L25) H36 H36 HC3
Boutin, et al (L26) H36 HC3 H21/22
Carsen/Shelby (L43) TA3 TA1 HC8
Bri/Spencer (L44) TA3 HC8 HC5
Brandon/Sydnie (L49) H27 H25 H6
Leslie/Michael (L50) H24 H25 H27
Ariel/Daved (L55) H35 H36 H29
Rachel (L61)10a FA5, 2p FA1/2
Kilee (L62)10:40 FA5, 2:40 FA3
James/Shelby (L69)10a Aud, 2:30 Band
Jared/Kayla (L70)10a Band, 2p Aud
Seussical (L75) 11a Band, 3p Band

19 January 2011

Wedding Singer Schedule - Remainder of Production

20 Jan 4p Tech, 6p – 8p
21 Jan 4p Tech, 6p – 8p
22 Jan daytime BUILD

23 Jan OFF (OFF BOOK on ALL)
24 Jan 4p Shift/Choreo, 6p – 8p
25 Jan 4p Shift/Choreo, 6p – 8p
26 Jan 4p Shift/Choreo, 6p – 8p
27 Jan 4p Shift/Choreo, 6p – 8p
28 Jan 4p Shift/Choreo, 6p – 8p
29 Jan 10a Dry Tech, 2p Wet Tech done 7ish

30 Jan OFF
31 Jan RUN I 5p Call, 6p Start
01 Feb RUN II 5p Call, 6p Start
02 Feb RUN I 5p Call, 6p Start
03 Feb RUN II 5p Call, 6p Start
04 Feb Regional cutting, 6p
05 Feb REGIONALS, 2p – 6p

06 Feb OFF
07 Feb RUN, 5p call, 6p curtain
08 Feb RUN, 5p call, 6p curtain
09 Feb TEASERS during DAY, Run 2p (off by 5:30)
10 Feb DRESS, 5p call, 7p curtain
11 Feb DRESS, 5p call, 7p curtain
12 Feb OPEN, 5p call, 7p curtain

13 Jan OFF
14 Jan SHOW, 5p call, 7p curtain
15 Feb OFF
16 Feb SHOW, 5p call, 7p curtain
17 Feb SHOW, 5p call, 7p curtain
18 Feb OFF
19 Feb SHOW, 5p call, 7p curtain

07 January 2011

Wit website

Sandra has set up a blog for the production of Wit... the link is given in the sidebar (click on the title of the show, eh).

for those who are navigation impaired: http://witnmhs.blogspot.com/

03 January 2011

Wedding Singer Ensemble details

This is a developing list... Some of these roles are 'dance' heavy, some are dialog, some are featured vox

Wedding #1: (p 1-9 approx)
Harold (Groom) - Spencer
Debbie (Bride) - Angelique
Mom - Dani
Uncle - Jake
David (Best Man) - Nate
Add't Guests - ALL OTHERS

Wedding #2 (Robbie's; p 16-17 approx)
Priest - Daved

Pop (p 19-26)
Crystal - Marissa
Mookie - Gunner
Donny - Nate
Tiffany - Shyonna
Waiter - Jake
Flower Delivery - Daved, Spencer, Miranda

Wedding #3 (p 28-33 approx)
Shane (Groom) - Jake
Donatella (Bride) - Celia
Father of the Bride - Spencer
Sideburns Lady - Marissa
Loser Guy (Bad Hair cut) - Daved
Large Lady - Dani
Other Guests - ALL REMAINING

Not that Kind of Thing (p41-44 approx)
Clerk - Miranda
Mookie - Gunner
Crystal - Marissa

Saturday Night in the City


All About the Green (p 57-64)
Jr Sec - Dani
Glen's Sec - Angelique
1st Suit - Jake
2nd Suit - Spence
3rd Suit - Marissa
4th Suit - Nate
5th Suit - Miranda

Single (p 71-77)
Ricky - Jake
Bum - Gunner

Move that Thang - to end (p88 to 100)
Ticket Agent - Nate
Billy Idol - Spencer
Tina Turner -
Cyndi Lauper - Shyonna
Mr T -
Ronald Reagan - Jake
Nancy Reagan - Tyler
Imelda Marcos -