27 August 2010

Donations Sought [Updated with Fundraising Docs]

We are embarking on a massive fund-raising effort over the next several years. Here are copies of our donation letter, guidelines and a donor info slip (4 to a sheet, print and cut) in PDF form. Current students and alumni of Black Tornado Theater are encouraged to download the materials and use them to encourage a handful of friends to support our efforts over the next few years.

To receive the full benefits of a sponsorship or other gift, donations need to be received prior to Sep 20 (for inclusion in Almost, Maine materials).

Please provide prospective donors with a stamped return envelope addressed to North Medford HS, att'n Sheila Johnson,1900 N Keene Way Drive, Medford, OR 97504. Do not take any money, but if you can get them to write the check and put it and their donor info slip in the envelope, great :) We do not have a mechanism to do online giving or box office at this time. Apologies!

Additionally, there is a troupe 358 page on Facebook. (not linking per District guidelines). Go there and encourage alumni and other supporters to perhaps team up to do a sponsorship or Friends of Black Tornado Theater gift. A quintet of alumni pooling $10 each is a ticket sponsorship. A quartet of more well-off alumni pooling $50 each is a "Friends of Black Tornado Theater" gift.

Finally, if you have an interest in supporting our efforts, please contact me directly: john.doty AT medford.k12.or.us (not clickable since spam is a pain in the tuckus).