22 March 2010

South Pacific Rehearsals AFTER BREAK - draft :)

This might change a LITTLE after we get confirm from Liisa (the Choreographer)
Everyone stop by for supplemental scripts during the vacation, 11a-4p, Tues or Weds
Additionally, Block 7 music rehearsals for Weds 3/31 and Thu 4/1 will be posted in LT on Tues and announced.

Also, full cast calls will likely include costumer time. Please be willing to linger to get measured.

Mon - No School OFF
Tue, 03/30 - 4pm FULL CAST - Choreography & Music (Act I)
Wed, 03/31 - 4pm FULL CAST - Staging (Act I)
Thu, 04/01 - 4pm Principals & Officers - Staging (Act II)
Fri, 04/02 - 4pm FULL CAST - Choreography & Music (Act I)
Sat, 04/03 - 11a-4pm BUILD DAY 11a-4pm
Sun, 04/04 - OFF
Mon, 04/05 - 4pm ACT I Staging, w/Choreographer
Tue, 04/06 - 4pm ACT II Staging, w/Choreographer
Wed, 04/07 - 4pm Pickups, check call board
Thu, 04/08 - 4pm ACT II Music
Fri, 04/09 - 4pm FULL SHOW Music
Sat, 04/10 - Time TBA BUILD DAY (Mr Sinner and ??? -- We'll need staff or ViMS, I'll be at State...)
Sun, 04/11 - OFF


Kayla said...

April 6th: Many girls will be gone due to seeing Hamlet at OSF.....

John said...

We'll address that on Tuesday!

Anonymous said...

Hey Doty! so i'm telling you now, so i don't forget :) I'm going to be gone April 6, 8, and 9th. i'm sorry it turned out like that...but life is crazy and ridiculous. :D


Kayla said...

Oh. Me to... I'll be missing the same days as Shelby because of Fine Arts. Sorry!