27 February 2010


Launching the 2nd Half Century of Troupe #358 (the 1959/1960 school year was our 1st), and welcoming the renovations of the "Broud" and Sjolund stages, what shall we do?

Thus far, I am looking at the following scripts:

Workshop, Mid Sept: Twilight Zone on Stage (6 one acts, in rotation over two weekends)
Late October: Sr Project (TBA)
Early Dec: It's a Wonderful Life
Mid Feb: The Wedding Singer
Mid March: Sr Project (TBA)
Early April: State One Acts (two Twilight Zone pieces)
Early May: Romeo and Juliet

Sr Project proposals need to be submitted by the first week in May, this year. So far, only Sandra S and Anna W have expressed serious interest. We will likely have FOUR viable performance spaces next year, so conceivably could do a 3rd project, if it is well thought out.


Rachel Warren said...

I love every one of these ideas! Can't wait to see what gets cooked up with these next year!

Anonymous said...

well does intro get to do any of this stuff doty?