28 February 2010


We need to have State Registration in by this Friday. People who are planning to go, please give me an idea by commenting here :)

27 February 2010


Launching the 2nd Half Century of Troupe #358 (the 1959/1960 school year was our 1st), and welcoming the renovations of the "Broud" and Sjolund stages, what shall we do?

Thus far, I am looking at the following scripts:

Workshop, Mid Sept: Twilight Zone on Stage (6 one acts, in rotation over two weekends)
Late October: Sr Project (TBA)
Early Dec: It's a Wonderful Life
Mid Feb: The Wedding Singer
Mid March: Sr Project (TBA)
Early April: State One Acts (two Twilight Zone pieces)
Early May: Romeo and Juliet

Sr Project proposals need to be submitted by the first week in May, this year. So far, only Sandra S and Anna W have expressed serious interest. We will likely have FOUR viable performance spaces next year, so conceivably could do a 3rd project, if it is well thought out.

24 February 2010

Upcoming Assignments - Theater

  • 2 pictures due 2/26, scenes due 3/4
  • Les Miserables reaction due 3/8
  • Short Scenes script selection due 3/19
  • Audition Monologue (1st of 4) due 3/19
  • Picture due 2/26, scenes crafted during the following week
  • Design Assignment 1, Drawings and explanatory writing (use State guidelines for Set or Costume design, linked here) due 3/8 (Design Assignment 2 will hit in mid April)
  • Audition Monologues (8 total), first due 3/12 (additional due approx every two weeks from now till end of year)
  • Short Scenes Script selections (2), due 3/19

21 February 2010

South Pacific Rehearsals

Vocal rehearsal this week: Friday ONLY, leads (Nellie, Emile, Billis, Cable, Mary) - 4pm

10 February 2010

Please read information ABOUT accepting the role before you do (posted in FA7 lobby). Roles not accepted by Friday may be recast.

Ensign NELLIE FORBUSH ................. Isabelle Schuler
EMILE de BECQUE ................. Skyler Blue
HENRY (his servant)................. Daved Yun
BLOODY MARY ................. Bri Gowland
LIAT (her daughter)................. Lelani Webb
LUTHER BILLIS ................. Christopher Garrett
Lt. JOSEPH CABLE ................. Neal Robinson
NGANA (Emile’s daughter) ................. Maren Lightheart
JEROME (Emile’s son) ................. Alberto Nunez

Officers / Enlisted Men / Islanders:
James Lancaster* (us Cable)
Jared Gutridge* (us Billis)
Devin Grubb, Nate Davidson
Ross Begg, Ryan McKee
Spencer Funk, Willie Sloan
Juan Va'a Ayala

Nurses / Islanders / Nuns:
Angelique Blue, Ashlee de Korte
Carsen Hendrix, Celia Johnson
Jacky Heermann* (us Bloody Mary)
Jordan Wright, Kayla Jackson
Kilee Rheinsburg* (us Nellie)
Maria Hammel, Rachel Warren
Shelby Collinsworth, Karla Nunez
Rina Bozeman

Understudies for larger roles are noted with * in the ensemble lists
Director: John Doty
Musical Director: Julie Weller
Choreographer: Liisa Ivary
Stage Manager: Jerah Moore
Ass’t SM: Branden Todd
Ass’t Director: Suzann Stevens