22 January 2010

Production Support

Saturday 1/23 10am - 3pm
Tuesday 1/26 @ Lunch (loft organization)
Wednesday 1/27 @ Lunch (tool and fastener organization)
Wednesday 1/27 6:45 to 9pm (10 Ushers needed for Winter Arts Festival)
Friday 1/29 Blk 1 (Assembly prep), Assembly (spotlight crew), Lunch, Blk 6
Saturday 1/30 10am-3pm (walls and seating platforms in LT)
Monday 2/1 4pm (2 PAs needed for South Pacific auditions)
Tuesday 2/2 4pm (2 PAs needed for South Pacific auditions)
Wednesday 2/3 4pm (1 PA needed for South Pacific auditions)
This is the LAST Production Support date can make 2nd Quarter Report Card

20 January 2010

Curious Schedule

Curious Rehearsal Shedule

01/25/10- Continued staging

01/26- Continued staging

01/27- Continued staging

01/28- Continued staging

01/29- Continued staging
Quite honestly I want everyone at every rehearsal, from this point on we will just be repeating the show until march, so schedule will consist of this from now unless of course I decide that I want to do something else.
Happy Shelby?

04 January 2010

Cast of Curious Savage

Vims will be needed for my rehearsals and if any of your parents would be able to be a vim that would be awesome, so please contact me if it would be possible for them to vim any day we have rehearsal.