28 December 2010

Wedding Singer rehearsals [Updated 12/28]

More details to follow, but for now, please plan on 6-8pm MTTF and 4-6pm W. If this complicates your life, please let me know!!

02 Jan OFF
03 Jan Production Meeting 11am
04 Jan Techs 4pm, Act I Read & Sing 6pm
05 Jan Choreo & Character work 4pm
06 Jan Techs 4pm, Act II Read & Sing 6pm
07 Jan Techs 4pm, Group Numbers 6pm
08 Jan OFF (Doty @ OSF training)

10 Jan Techs 4pm, Act I 6pm
11 Jan Techs 4pm, Act II 6pm
12 Jan Choreo & Character, 4pm
13 Jan Techs 4pm, Act I 6pm
14 Jan Techs 4pm, Act II 6pm
15 Jan BUILD & ELECTRIC 10am to 4pm

16 Jan OFF (OFF BOOK on ALL)
17 Jan NO SCHOOL - Run Thru? starting 1 or 2pm and going 3 or 4 hours?
18 Jan Group Numbers 6pm
19 Jan 4pm Minimal Call (NMHS Arts Festival later same night)
20 Jan Techs 4pm, Act I 6pm
21 Jan Techs 4pm, Act II 6pm
22 Jan BUILD & ELECTRIC 10am to 4pm

18 December 2010

Tempest Script for Intro

Technical difficulties with the .pdf distiller tonight. Script will post on Saturday. Or not... HTML version Here

16 December 2010

Wedding Singer Cast List! [UPDATED 12/28]

Congratulations to the Cast of


The following performers have been cast in the NMHS February 2011 production of THE WEDDING SINGER. Additional actors may still be added, as dance or other specific needs demand, but that is not foreseen as a major consideration.

A Note Concerning UNDERSTUDIES: There is no guarantee that an understudy will see the stage during the course of the run. It has been practice at NMHS to reward a single performance in the middle of the run to understudies who are solid in their readiness, but is not assured.

Updated to reflected Amanda's decision to decline Angie. That offer now extends to Celia. Additional moves to adjust Celia's original Ensemble roles and to reassign the Linda US are still pending.
Robbie Hart ... ... ... Sam Dauphin
Sammy / US Robbie ... ... ... Jared Gutridge
George / US Glen ... ... ... Zach Ward
Julia Sullivan ... ... ... Kayla Jackson
Holly ... ... ... Kilee Rheinsburg
Glen Guglia ... ... ... Trevor Byrd
Rosie ... ... ... Kyla King
Linda / US Holly ... ... ... Rachel Warren
Angie / Ensemble ... ... ... Amanda Brown Celia Johnson
Ensemble / US Julia ... ... ... Shyonna Leach
Ensemble / US Sammy ... ... ... Spencer Funk
Ensemble / US George ... ... ... Jacob Parker
Ensemble / US Rosie ... ... ... Marissa Gann
Ensemble ... ... ...Angelique Blue
Ensemble ... ... ...Nate Davison
Ensemble ... ... ...Gunner Fraley
Ensemble ... ... ...Dani Saiz
Ensemble ... ... ...Miranda Tremblay
Ensemble ... ... ...Daved Yun
Swing ... ... ... Tyler Grahame
Swing ... ... ... one male TBA

All Cast needs to meet in the LT at LUNCH on FRIDAY, 12/17/10 to get scripts and go over production schedule and expectations.

Lyrics will be expected to be solid, off book upon return in January

Most rehearsals will run weekdays 6pm to 8pm, with variations published at least a week in advance

07 December 2010


Individual Acting / Singing / (Guitar) Auditions will begin MONDAY, DEC 13 @ 2pm (until 6:30p) and continue TUESDAY, DEC 14 @ 4pm (until 6:30p) in the Commons.

Group Dance Auditions will be held WEDNESDAY, DEC 15, also in the Commons.

Sign-up sheets for both are posted in the Little Theater.

Audition Songs:
Linda's Note (download karaoke mp3 here)
Casualty of Love (download karaoke mp3 here)
If I Told You (download karaoke mp3 here)

21 November 2010

Rehearsal change, added date(s)

Monday won't be a full run, just a read thru, starting at 4:15
Tuesday show is a go
Adding date(s) in December : poss 14 & 16. Specifics awaiting word from the admin team!

This would mean a line thru on Friday the 10th and a dress rehearsal on Monday the 13th (a day off from school).

More to come!

01 November 2010

OSF Visits

TUESDAY - Block 2 Performance, Block 3 ADV Workshop
WEDNESDAY - Block 4 Performance, Blocks 5 & 8 INTRO Workshops

Which students are in which workshops: Check lists posted on FA7 lobby board!

Rehearsals, Week of Nov 1 & Beyond

Week of NOV 1 OFF BOOK!!!
  • Mon 4:15p Act I: from Harry's Prom to Funeral
  • Tue 4:15p Act I: from Funeral to Intermission
  • Wed 4:15p Act I: start thru Gower & Young George, Act II: Newspaper boy, Billy, Potter
  • Thu 4:15p Act II: Scenes w/ kids (Piano Madness and Happy Home Invasion :P)
  • Fri 4:15p TBA
  • SAT 10:00a to 2pm work day in LT, building and such...

Week of Nov 8 (note start time shifts)

  • Mon 5pm Act I twice (5pm start, unknown end)
  • Tue 5pm Act II twice (5pm start, unknown end)
  • Wed 5pm Full Run (5pm start, unknown end)
  • Thu 5pm Full Run (5pm start, unknown end)
  • Fri 4pm Line Thru (Dancing w/t Rogue Valley Stars rehearsal in evening)
  • SAT 9am to 12n tech
    SAT 12n to 3pm Dress Run (Help to Clean for DwtRVS from 3pm to 4pm, please!!!)

Week of Nov 15 (we need dinner volunteers for additional (??) nights)

  • Mon 5pm Dress Rehearsal 7pm curtain, 9:30 target end time (DINNER (??))
  • Tue 5pm Dress Rehearsal 7pm curtain, 9:30 target end time (DINNER (Doty))
  • Wed 5pm SHOW 7pm curtain, 9pm target end time (DINNER (??))
  • Thu 5pm SHOW 7pm curtain, 9pm target end time (Harry Potter after?)
  • Fri 5pm SHOW 7pm curtain, 9pm target end time (DINNER (??))
  • SAT 5pm SHOW 7pm curtain, 9pm target end time (no dinner)

Week of Nov 22 (we need dinner volunteers for additional nights)

  • Mon 5pm Dress Rehearsal 7pm curtain
  • Tue 5pm SHOW 7pm curtain, 9pm target end time (DINNER (??))

21 October 2010

Rehearsals Week of Oct 25

Mon Act I: from Harry's Prom to Funeral
Tue Act I: from Funeral to Intermission
Wed Act I: start thru Gower & Young George, Act II: Newspaper boy, Billy, Potter
Thu Act II: Scenes w/ kids (Piano Madness and Happy Home Invasion :P)
Fri George & Mary (+ understudies for each) (done by 5:15)
SAT - 10am to 2pm work day in LT, building and such...

Schedule for Nov 1 and beyond will post on Wednesday here and Call Board.

16 October 2010

Rehearsals, Week of Oct 18

Mon Act I, from start to midway (pg 23-24ish)
Tue Act I, from midpoint to end
Wed Act II, from start to midway (pg 53ish)
Thu Act II, from midway to end

SAT - 10am to 2pm work day in LT, building and such...

page number details are on schedule posted on wall in LT lobby. Only actors not called on first day would be the daughters and younger son, so everyone should be able to come and check.

Schedule for Oct 25 and beyond will post on Wednesday here and Call Board.

10 October 2010

Rehearsals, Week of Oct 11

Mon (yes, I know there is no school) thru Thur, 4:15 start time.

Mon Act I, from start to midway (pg 23-24ish)
Tue Act I, from midpoint to end
Wed Act II, from start to midway
Thu Act II, from midway to end

page number details are on schedule posted on wall in LT lobby. Only actors not called on first day would be the daughters and younger son, so everyone should be able to come and check.

schedule is up for the following week, as well

03 October 2010

Casting - It's a Wonderful Life

Congratulations to the Cast of It's a Wonderful Life

George Bailey................. Seth Sanders
Clarence Odbody................. Liberty Parnell
Mr. Gower................. Jeremiah Slavit
Young George................. (Boy #1)
Harry Bailey................. Randy Gonzalez
Mother Bailey................. Rachel Sinner
Aunt Tilly................. Rachel Warren
Violet Peterson................. Madeline Schmidt
Bert................. Brandon Bellamy
Ernie................. Zach Ward
Uncle Billy................. Jordan Freed
Mary Hatch Bailey................. Sarah McGrew
Henry F Potter................. Shelby Collinsworth
Mr. Potter’s Goon (non speaking)................. Branden Todd
Mr. Potter’s Secretary................. Madeline Schmidt
Mrs. Hatch................. Sandra Schaefer
Sam Wainwright................. Jeremiah Slavit
Miss Andrews................. Kayla Jackson
Mrs. Thompson................. Emma McEvoy Worthington
Mr. Martini................. Jacob Parker
Mrs. Martini................. Bri Owens
Miss Carter................. Celia Johnson
Newspaper Boy................. (Boy #2)
Pete Bailey................. (Boy #1)
Tommy Bailey................. (Boy #2)
Zuzu Bailey................. (Girl #1)
Mr. Welch................. Jeremiah Slavit
Janie Bailey................. (Girl #2)
Understudy George................. Jordan Freed
Understudy Clarence................. Emma McEvoy Worthington
Understudy Potter................. Madeline Schmidt
Understudy Mary................. Rachel Warren
Understudy Female Ensemble................. Kayla Jackson, Celia Johnson
Understudy Male Ensemble................. Jacob Parker, Brandon Bellamy

And us you can see, we are looking still for children to play the Bailey kids: two boys, age 10 and 12, two girls age 7 and 9.

27 September 2010

It's a Wonderful Life - Auditions / Casting

Auditions are (as posted) today and tomorrow, 4pm until 6:30. Casting should be complete by Friday and will post here and on the Call Board in FA7 Lobby. Read thru will be MONDAY, Oct 4, 4:15pm and daily rehearsals will begin immediately!

14 September 2010

Tutors needed

Advanced students who are available during 5th and 6th, I need tutors for both of these groups :) Consider it!

27 August 2010

Donations Sought [Updated with Fundraising Docs]

We are embarking on a massive fund-raising effort over the next several years. Here are copies of our donation letter, guidelines and a donor info slip (4 to a sheet, print and cut) in PDF form. Current students and alumni of Black Tornado Theater are encouraged to download the materials and use them to encourage a handful of friends to support our efforts over the next few years.

To receive the full benefits of a sponsorship or other gift, donations need to be received prior to Sep 20 (for inclusion in Almost, Maine materials).

Please provide prospective donors with a stamped return envelope addressed to North Medford HS, att'n Sheila Johnson,1900 N Keene Way Drive, Medford, OR 97504. Do not take any money, but if you can get them to write the check and put it and their donor info slip in the envelope, great :) We do not have a mechanism to do online giving or box office at this time. Apologies!

Additionally, there is a troupe 358 page on Facebook. (not linking per District guidelines). Go there and encourage alumni and other supporters to perhaps team up to do a sponsorship or Friends of Black Tornado Theater gift. A quintet of alumni pooling $10 each is a ticket sponsorship. A quartet of more well-off alumni pooling $50 each is a "Friends of Black Tornado Theater" gift.

Finally, if you have an interest in supporting our efforts, please contact me directly: john.doty AT medford.k12.or.us (not clickable since spam is a pain in the tuckus).

17 June 2010

Summer Seussical

I'm posting quick to encourage everyone to check out the TMTO Seussical production later this summer... make plans and get tickets now! I haven't seen a full cast list, but our little Kilee is Gertrude McFuzz - and this makes me SMILE!!! :) Any other 358ers who made it, post in comments and I'll compliment you, too!

10 June 2010


Congratulations to the Summer Workshop 2010 Cast:
(please note, the OFFICIAL Casting notice is posted in the Little Theater Lobby)

Cast (in order of Appearance)
Daved Yun (Pete & Phil)
Rachel Warren (Ginette & Gale)
Spencer Funk (East, Randy & Man)
Isabelle Schuler (Glory & Margaret)
Bryant Almanza (Jimmy)
Kayla Jackson (Sandrine)
Kilee Rheinsburg (Waitress & Marvalynn)
Branden Todd (Steve & Lendall)
Jake Parker (Chad)
Sandra Schaefer (Hope)

Carsen Hendrix
Gunner Fraley

Cast Meeting: Thursday 6/10/10 after school
Please Contact ANNA WEATHERS or JOHN DOTY to accept the role(s) IF you cannot make the 6/10 meeting… SCRIPTS will be delivered PRIOR to July 1.
OFF BOOK: You are expected to know your lines upon arrival in August, but books will stay in hand for first two weeks, as needed…

THU, Sep 23 SAT, Sep 25
THU, Sep 30 FRI, Oct 01 SAT, Oct 02

Each understudy will be on stage for at least one performance.

04 June 2010



7pm, Tues

Bring a dessert item for potluck and beverage you like for yourself :)

It would help if you have plastic cutlery and cups, and let us know...

26 May 2010


Congratulations to the following students, members of the 2010/2011 Black Tornado Theater & ITS Troupe #358 Student Board!

Vice President

James Lancaster
Kelsey Garrett
Rachel Warren & Kayla Jackson
Spencer Funk
Sandra Schaefer
Carsen Hendrix

09 May 2010

South Pacific Strike - URGENT -UPDATED

Spencer and I are alone at the theater. There is no way in *%&$ that the stage will be ready for either space by Monday Night (Torch Honor, Main Stage) or Tuesday Night (Quest Project, Little Theater).

Rina Bozeman and Kevin Beick joined the group for the final portion of yesterday. <-- read that again. Thespians and Cast Members, this is YOUR JOB.

If this doesn't happen today, the consequences will be big. Events will not be able to happen as scheduled and outside events will have priority over ours.

07 May 2010

South Pacific -strike; Improv - load in

Sunday from 12n to approx 5pm, I will be at the theater working to get the Little Theater ready for Rachel and Kayla's Tuesday night event, to get the main stage cleared for Torch Honor (Monday) and choir and band (next week and beyond), and to get the overall space more ready for the remodel.

Production support hours available and there will be no shortage of work.

Also, though there is no school on Monday, the theater will again be available for work from 12n to 4pm.

Come get hours and get us ready to end the season strong!!

Also up coming:
Oregon Supreme Court (building must be SPOTLESS before the AM of 5/18)
Short Scenes (5/21 & 5/22)

After Short Scenes end, EVERYTHING gets packed and moved... ALL OFF IT!!

23 April 2010

Cast Meals - South Pacific

The following dates are slated to have meals available, though some dates do not yet have people designated to prepare them.

If your parents would like to help with a cast meal, please comment!

Also if you are a vegetarian, please comment!

4/24 (delivered pizza, please chip in a couple bucks if you can)
4/26 (delivered subway, please chip in a couple bucks if you can)
4/29 - Dress Rehearsal - Mrs. Doty
(other show nights are POSSIBLE for meals)
5/08 - Btw shows - Mrs. Jackson, Mrs. Brandt

17 April 2010

The FINAL schedule

04/19 MON
4 - 7p
Staging Remaining Pages (74-80,100-106)
Song Polishing, focus on Act II
04/20 TUE
4 - 7p
Stumble Thru: Act I through pg 43
04/21 WED
4 - 7p
Stumble Thru: Act I from pg 41 to End
04/22 THU
4 - 7p
Stumble Thru: Act II complete
04/23 FRI
4 - 7p
Build and Set Dressing, Lights, etc...
04/24 SAT
10a - 7p
Tech on stage until 2pm, Cast sing thru (x2) in choir room.
2-5p run thru, DINNER, 6-7p notes and pickups
04/25 SUN
Building MAY be Open for Painting, etc... from 10am to 1pm.
04/26 MON
10a - 7p
Tech on stage until 12n, Cast at 12n, Walk Thru to 3pm.
EARLY DINNER, followed by a 4pm to 7pm Run Thru w/ Orch
04/27 TUE
5p til finished
04/28 WED
5p til finished
04/29 THU
5p til finished
04/30 FRI
5p til finished
05/01 SAT
5p til finished
05/02 SUN

05/03 MON
05/04 TUE
5p til finished
6pm start time
05/05 WED
5p til finished
05/06 THU
5p til finished
05/07 FRI
5p til finished
05/08 SAT
12:30p til finished
SHOW @ 1pm, Dinner
SHOW @7pm

12 April 2010

Costumer in Today

The South Pacific Costumer will be in on Monday, from 2:30 to 4:30. Come in to help her load in and perhaps get fitted!

09 April 2010

South Pacific Rehearsals

Monday, April 12 - Friday, April 16
All Cast, every day, 4pm-6pm

If we are not working with you on the main stage, you will be in the Little Theater running lines with whichever other cast are also not on the main stage. Scene you are in with them, but also scenes you are in with anyone else... EVERYONE NEEDS TO WORK EVERY DAY if we are going to get this done :) The set will be materializing around you over the next week or so and blocking will firm up a lot.

02 April 2010

Work Day - April 3

Saturday, 11 to 4, please :)

OFF BOOK notes for South Pacific

Scripts are gone at the end of next week. April 9 is the last time you get to have them. Make the most of the weekends.

22 March 2010

South Pacific Rehearsals AFTER BREAK - draft :)

This might change a LITTLE after we get confirm from Liisa (the Choreographer)
Everyone stop by for supplemental scripts during the vacation, 11a-4p, Tues or Weds
Additionally, Block 7 music rehearsals for Weds 3/31 and Thu 4/1 will be posted in LT on Tues and announced.

Also, full cast calls will likely include costumer time. Please be willing to linger to get measured.

Mon - No School OFF
Tue, 03/30 - 4pm FULL CAST - Choreography & Music (Act I)
Wed, 03/31 - 4pm FULL CAST - Staging (Act I)
Thu, 04/01 - 4pm Principals & Officers - Staging (Act II)
Fri, 04/02 - 4pm FULL CAST - Choreography & Music (Act I)
Sat, 04/03 - 11a-4pm BUILD DAY 11a-4pm
Sun, 04/04 - OFF
Mon, 04/05 - 4pm ACT I Staging, w/Choreographer
Tue, 04/06 - 4pm ACT II Staging, w/Choreographer
Wed, 04/07 - 4pm Pickups, check call board
Thu, 04/08 - 4pm ACT II Music
Fri, 04/09 - 4pm FULL SHOW Music
Sat, 04/10 - Time TBA BUILD DAY (Mr Sinner and ??? -- We'll need staff or ViMS, I'll be at State...)
Sun, 04/11 - OFF

Twilight Zone progress

I spoke with a nice gentleman at CBS today and was asked to follow-up with an e-mail. If we get a positive response, we will be watching some Twilight Zone over the next weeks and starting script adaptation projects in Advanced Theater. Cross fingers, everyone!

19 March 2010

Work Days

Saturday 3/20 -- Noon to 5pm
Monday 3/22 -- 11am to 4pm
Tuesday 3/23 -- 11am to 4pm
Wednesday 3/24 -- 11am to 4pm
(Thursday - Clean Up IF NEEDED)

09 March 2010


TUE 3/9, 4pm: FULL CAST - Meeting & paper work, 5pm: table work on the time period
WED 3/10, 4pm:
THU 3/11, 4pm: Billis & Sailors and Nellie & Nurses (Little Theater) til about 5:30
FRI 3/12, 4pm: Billis & Sailors and Nellie & Nurses (Little Theater) til about 5:30
SAT 3/13, 10a: Painting day - wear clothes you do NOT value - done by 3p
SUN 3/14, OFF
MON 3/15, 4pm: FULL cast
TUE 3/16, 4pm: FULL cast
WED 3/17, 4pm: TBA
THU 3/18, 4pm: TBA
FRI 3/19, 4pm: FULL Cast

28 February 2010


We need to have State Registration in by this Friday. People who are planning to go, please give me an idea by commenting here :)

27 February 2010


Launching the 2nd Half Century of Troupe #358 (the 1959/1960 school year was our 1st), and welcoming the renovations of the "Broud" and Sjolund stages, what shall we do?

Thus far, I am looking at the following scripts:

Workshop, Mid Sept: Twilight Zone on Stage (6 one acts, in rotation over two weekends)
Late October: Sr Project (TBA)
Early Dec: It's a Wonderful Life
Mid Feb: The Wedding Singer
Mid March: Sr Project (TBA)
Early April: State One Acts (two Twilight Zone pieces)
Early May: Romeo and Juliet

Sr Project proposals need to be submitted by the first week in May, this year. So far, only Sandra S and Anna W have expressed serious interest. We will likely have FOUR viable performance spaces next year, so conceivably could do a 3rd project, if it is well thought out.

24 February 2010

Upcoming Assignments - Theater

  • 2 pictures due 2/26, scenes due 3/4
  • Les Miserables reaction due 3/8
  • Short Scenes script selection due 3/19
  • Audition Monologue (1st of 4) due 3/19
  • Picture due 2/26, scenes crafted during the following week
  • Design Assignment 1, Drawings and explanatory writing (use State guidelines for Set or Costume design, linked here) due 3/8 (Design Assignment 2 will hit in mid April)
  • Audition Monologues (8 total), first due 3/12 (additional due approx every two weeks from now till end of year)
  • Short Scenes Script selections (2), due 3/19

21 February 2010

South Pacific Rehearsals

Vocal rehearsal this week: Friday ONLY, leads (Nellie, Emile, Billis, Cable, Mary) - 4pm

10 February 2010

Please read information ABOUT accepting the role before you do (posted in FA7 lobby). Roles not accepted by Friday may be recast.

Ensign NELLIE FORBUSH ................. Isabelle Schuler
EMILE de BECQUE ................. Skyler Blue
HENRY (his servant)................. Daved Yun
BLOODY MARY ................. Bri Gowland
LIAT (her daughter)................. Lelani Webb
LUTHER BILLIS ................. Christopher Garrett
Lt. JOSEPH CABLE ................. Neal Robinson
NGANA (Emile’s daughter) ................. Maren Lightheart
JEROME (Emile’s son) ................. Alberto Nunez

Officers / Enlisted Men / Islanders:
James Lancaster* (us Cable)
Jared Gutridge* (us Billis)
Devin Grubb, Nate Davidson
Ross Begg, Ryan McKee
Spencer Funk, Willie Sloan
Juan Va'a Ayala

Nurses / Islanders / Nuns:
Angelique Blue, Ashlee de Korte
Carsen Hendrix, Celia Johnson
Jacky Heermann* (us Bloody Mary)
Jordan Wright, Kayla Jackson
Kilee Rheinsburg* (us Nellie)
Maria Hammel, Rachel Warren
Shelby Collinsworth, Karla Nunez
Rina Bozeman

Understudies for larger roles are noted with * in the ensemble lists
Director: John Doty
Musical Director: Julie Weller
Choreographer: Liisa Ivary
Stage Manager: Jerah Moore
Ass’t SM: Branden Todd
Ass’t Director: Suzann Stevens

22 January 2010

Production Support

Saturday 1/23 10am - 3pm
Tuesday 1/26 @ Lunch (loft organization)
Wednesday 1/27 @ Lunch (tool and fastener organization)
Wednesday 1/27 6:45 to 9pm (10 Ushers needed for Winter Arts Festival)
Friday 1/29 Blk 1 (Assembly prep), Assembly (spotlight crew), Lunch, Blk 6
Saturday 1/30 10am-3pm (walls and seating platforms in LT)
Monday 2/1 4pm (2 PAs needed for South Pacific auditions)
Tuesday 2/2 4pm (2 PAs needed for South Pacific auditions)
Wednesday 2/3 4pm (1 PA needed for South Pacific auditions)
This is the LAST Production Support date can make 2nd Quarter Report Card

20 January 2010

Curious Schedule

Curious Rehearsal Shedule

01/25/10- Continued staging

01/26- Continued staging

01/27- Continued staging

01/28- Continued staging

01/29- Continued staging
Quite honestly I want everyone at every rehearsal, from this point on we will just be repeating the show until march, so schedule will consist of this from now unless of course I decide that I want to do something else.
Happy Shelby?

04 January 2010

Cast of Curious Savage

Vims will be needed for my rehearsals and if any of your parents would be able to be a vim that would be awesome, so please contact me if it would be possible for them to vim any day we have rehearsal.