14 December 2009

Orsino is all shook up about Olivia.

Toby Belch got into a fight with the wrong twin.


Rachel Warren said...

I just let a really girly scream occur. Thank gosh no one is home.
CAN'T WAIT TO SEE THIS! It looks so fantastic!
Carsen, great job on the blood. Looks really realllllyyyyy good!

Daved Yun said...

Jeez finally you updated this, ha. Just kidding, John. But the show looks good from the audience's point of view, now only if we could take care of some people in the back.. *cough cough*

Anonymous said...

Sorry I was unable to make it =( i feel really bad.

Carsen Hendrix said...

Hey thanks Rachel! It's really good to know that it looks good on stage and not just spiffy while standing next to them.

Anonymous said...