16 December 2009

Curious Savage Cast (plans have changed a bit)

Make sure that you read your script once over the break, twice if possible, and make a list of every prop that your character interacts with.
(Tell Everyone in the cast to read this, or just spread the word on what i've instructed you to do.)
Here is the schedule for the first week back from school.

Tuesday 01/05/10- Read through 4-6
Wednesday 01/06/10- Character Development 4-6
Thursday 01/07/10- Character Development+cast bonding(There is going to be a lot of this so that "the guests" operate as a family because that needs to be evident as soon as the curtain opens) 4-6
There Will be No rehearsal on friday.


Anonymous said...

>< we need to wait an extra week

Anonymous said...

You have two weeks of holiday break